"A Musician's Nostalgia" (3x14) is the fourteenth episode of the third chapter of Critical RoleVox Machina returns to Emon to prove their innocence.  Now on the hunt for the treacherous Riskel Daxio, they must once again face the Clasp, along with some shady characters from Scanlan's past.

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"Vox Machina had finished an extensive, dangerous, tension-filled adventure to the city of Whitestone, the historical landscape that Percival grew up in, to take down the Briarwoods, a husband and wife team who had been responsible for ruling it with an iron fist for five years, doing a series of atrocities and seemingly preparing a Ziggurat, or an ancient temple beneath the city, for some unspoken deity the party then discovered to be an individual referred to as Vecna. They defeated the Briarwoods, managed to help the rebellion of the people of Whitestone retake their town, and help them prepare and have their first Winter's Crest Festival in five years since they were taken by the Briarwoods. There was much game-playing, and eating contests, and Polymorphed bears, and very fun adventures and exchange of gifts—some fun moments. The festival ended, a few days passed, and the party began to put their affairs in order to return back to Emon and what their next order of business is."

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As the group heads out of the temple, they find themselves in the main foyer area. At this point, they hear a loud metal clang in the hallway to their right, causing a moment of alarm and rousing suspicion. Scanlan goes forth to investigate, and Vax calls out after him, "Don't get caught, shithead."

Scanlan ventures forward, following the sound to the arcane laboratory in the keep. The door is ajar, and he hears someone rustling things around inside of the lab. Scanlan turns himself invisible before entering inside. As he tiptoes in, he spots Tiberius Stormwind, who had previously departed abruptly before the remaining members of Vox Machina ventured towards Whitestone.[1] Seeing that the source of the disruption was in fact a friend, Scanlan drops his invisibility and goes to hug Tiberius, who is startled and appears flustered.

Scanlan calls for the rest of Vox Machina, and they join him and greet Tiberius. The dragonborn, however, has other news to break to the group.

Tiberius reveals that while the rest of Vox Machina traveled to Whitestone, he had spent the last few weeks in Draconia attempting to secure reinforcements for them, only to be continuously rebuffed by his father. He revealed that he had intended to join them in Whitestone, but when word found him of their triumphs he decided to stay in Emon. Having spent the better part of the week on his own in Emon, he has had the time to reflect on his mission. He expresses that his role as a diplomat has fallen to the wayside, his personal mission to recover the arcane artifacts that he has sought after has grown stagnant, and he feels that he has yet to gain the respect of his family back in Draconia.

Solemnly, Tiberius tells the rest of the group that although he thinks of Vox Machina as friends and fine warriors, he has decided to take the opportunity to leave them and carve his own path. Emotionally, a tear begins cresting on his nose, and he claims that it is merely dust and looks away from the group.

With a few further sentimental words from the party, as well as directions from Tiberius to appropriately clear his name with the Tal'Dorei Council and to let Allura Vysoren know that she is welcome to visit him in Draconia any time, the dragonborn declares that he is terrible with goodbyes, and promptly activates a Circle of Teleportation. With a flash of blue runes, Tiberius's image scatters into nothing.

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Scanlan and Grog exchange a couple of passing remarks about checking Tiberius's room to see if he left anything for the group before Grog suddenly remembers what they were originally planning to do: check on their captive, Desmond. The party moves down to the prison cell, although Vex'ahlia stays behind and walks around Tiberius's room a little bit.

As the majority of Vox Machina descends the stairs, they encounter Jarett Howarth in the middle of breakfast. Jarett joyfully greets them and states that he is glad to see them all in one piece. He tells them that everything has been fine at Greyskull Keep. Within the cell, they see their "captive," Desmond, who is also eating breakfast and is in fact mid-bite. He appears to be in good health.

Vax and Grog ask whether Jarett encountered any other attacks since the party had been gone. He replies that there were no further attacks, and that the guards had kept a very close eye on things with additional help for a time from Keyleth's summoned elemental. Keyleth inquires about how things worked out with the elemental, given that it had been a sort of a "test run," to which Jarett states that it was "very unsettling," and that he is generally uncomfortable with "haphazardly-tethered creatures from other realms."

Percy is pleased to break the news to Desmond that the Briarwoods "will not be a problem anymore," and that he is free and clear to be let go. However, the other members of Vox Machina interject and say that he is not free to go just yet; they still need him to testify in front of Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III to prove that their earlier actions at the feast held for Lord and Lady Briarwood were justified (see: The Feast / Crimson Diplomacy).

Rejoining the party, Vex wonders aloud why Desmond is still in the cell. Percy responds that it was originally for his own protection, but that since the problem has been taken care of, it is a precaution that is no longer needed. Jarett opens the cell, and Desmond seems immensely relieved that the Briarwoods are, in fact, no more. He tells the group that he cannot wait to get back to Whitestone.

Vex confirms with Desmond that he will, in fact, testify to Sovereign Uriel about them, and then invites him out of the cell to eat breakfast with Vox Machina instead. He comes out of his cell and holds his half-consumed breakfast up to her, expectantly. Grog offers to carry Desmond's plate for him, and then promptly begins to eat his food while he is too excited to notice.

"There once was a gnome from Emon,
Who sang a scandalous song,
The ladies would swoon,
At his rather large tune,
And say 'My, it's impossibly long.'"
Scanlan's limerick of inspiration for Pike. [2]

An Audience With the SovereignEdit

  • Percy recommends that Desmond be appointed the first correspondent to the new rulers of Whitestone, as he does need to return home at some point, and additionally moves to have Greyskull Keep designated as an embassy.

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  • Percy: "And I must also, at this point, offer our own apologies which are in order. While there was a supernatural flame of distrust in your heart, it couldn't have been ignited without the embers of our own rash judgements, and poor choices. It is difficult for men of action to necessarily pay attention to the smaller details of their world and realities, and for this we do apologize. I wish I could say it would be the last of it, but again, it is a difficult world, and we are prone to action, and for that you have our apologies. I would also offer, my lord, that perhaps these infernal powers are attracted by your innate goodness, and that would be worth meditating upon."[3]
  • Keyleth: "Yeah, you know, I'm wondering: If I was a sneaky bastard—"
    Scanlan: "You're not, don't say that about yourself."
    Keyleth: "Thank you so much. I sometimes get concerned."
    Percy: "I know where you're going with this, you should finish the thought."
    Keyleth: "If I was a sneaky bastard, and I wanted to make sure—"
    Scanlan: "You're not."
    Keyleth: "Thank you. And if I were to make sure (laughs) I had an emergency escape route outside of the city, and was maybe tasked to build, I don't know, say, our keep, within the last year, I feel like we need to start at home here."[4]

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