The Ashari are a multiracial people divided into four tribes: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each of the four tribes live in locations where the Elemental Planes have bled into the Material Plane. The Ashari make it their duty to guard these portals, ensuring that nothing dangerous is able to pass between the planes.

Culture Edit

The Ashari greet each other with the word "Kaitiakè" (meaning respect, guardian, keeper) as a sort of salute.[1] They are, for the most part, insular, living in remote areas and not interacting much with the outside world or even each other.[2] Their tribes are made up of a diversity of races, including gnomes, humans, half-elves, and at least one tiefling[3].

Aramenté Edit

Each tribe is ruled by a headmaster. To become a headmaster, an Ashari must first complete an Aramenté[4], or "Noble Odyssey", visiting each of the other tribes and venturing through the portals.

Air Ashari Edit

The Air Ashari guard the portal to the Elemental Plane of Air in Zephrah. The title given to the headmaster of the Air Ashari is "Voice of the Tempest."

Their tribe was without a headmaster for some years. Keyleth's mother, Vilya, was set to become headmaster and had embarked on her Aramenté, but never returned. Korrin, Keyleth's father, served as leader of the Air Ashari in the interim.

After years passed with no word from Vilya, Keyleth finally set off on her own Aramenté. She completed the task that her mother could not, earning the title of Voice of the Tempest. Keyleth now lives in Zephrah and serves as headmaster there.

Earth Ashari Edit

Terrah is the home of the Earth Ashari[5] and of the portal to the Elemental Plane of Earth. They are led by Headmaster Pa'tice, the Heart of the Mountain.

The Earth Ashari were the first tribe that Keyleth visited on her Aramenté. She presumably completed a task for them in the Earth Plane, but the details are not known as this occurred pre-stream.

Fire Ashari Edit

The Fire Ashari live in Pyrah and guard the portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire. They are led by Headmaster Cerkonos.

Keyleth, along with the rest of Vox Machina, visited the Fire Ashari as part of her Aramenté. There, they journeyed through the portal to complete a task in the Fire Plane. On completion, Keyleth was given a Sparkstone by Cerkonos as a token of her success.[6]

The Fire Ashari were devastated by the ancient red dragon, Thordak, on his escape from the Fire Plane into the Material Plane.[7] Many of their tribe were killed, and Cerkonos lost an arm. As elementals and other creatures from the Fire Plane began escaping through the rift through which Thordak left open, Vox Machina, along with Gern Blanston and a contingent from the Air Ashari, helped the FIre Ashari to re-seal the rift.[8]

Water Ashari Edit

The Water Ashari live in Vesrah[9], where they guard the portal to the Elemental Plane of Water. They are led by Headmaster Uvenda, the Heart of the Tides.

Visiting the Water Ashari was the third and final task of Keyleth's Aramenté. There, she journeyed with Vox Machina into the Water Plane to collect lodestones from an incredibly dangerous kraken. On their return, Uvenda confessed that perhaps the task had become too dangerous and agreed to reconsider it for the future. Keyleth was then granted the 9th-level spell Shapechange in celebration of her success.[10]

References Edit

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