"At Dawn, We Plan!" (4x15) is the fifteenth episode of the fourth chapter of Critical RoleVox Machina must decide:  leave Westruun to fight another day, or prepare to face the deadly black dragon Umbrasyl?

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"Vox Machina, our band of adventurers who have found their way into a struggle against a group called the Chroma Conclave, a collection of ancient chromatic dragons that have torn across the landscape of Tal'Dorei and beyond, setting ruin to a number of major cityscapes and then claiming areas as their own after the fact. In order to combat this—and eventually their leader Thordak, the Cinder King, a great and powerful red dragon—they've been in search of ways to improve their prowess as heroes, in search of these artifacts known as the Vestiges of the Divergence, lost from wars long past.

"After finding information about these, it was also discovered that one of their original homesteads, Westruun—the actual place where Pike and Grog, for a portion of his life, grew up—after being sieged by the dragons, had then been overtaken by the Herd of the Storm, which Grog previously ran with for most of his life, and was helmed by Kevdak, his uncle, a rather cruel and ruthless leader. After they had absorbed the Rivermaw years beforehand, it had swollen to a great size, battled the dragon, and amongst their losses came to an accord in which they would leave riches for the dragon and it would kind of let them be for the time being.

"Upon making their way into the town, thinning some of the ranks of this ravenous Herd, Grog threatened Kevdak to a battle one-on-one for supremacy of the Herd...and quickly may have gotten a little in over his head. In the center of the town square a great battle commenced, where after calling to his side his friends, Vox Machina, a bloody fray that nearly fell a few of the party. Through some ingenuity, some decent planning, and some trickery of magical item use, they managed to survive and have Grog deal the death blow to Kevdak, amongst all of the watching Herd.

"After some...just barely scraping by diplomacy, they managed to bring it all to a ceasefire for the time being, free Kevdak's son—Grog's cousin, Zanror, who, from his bindings, seemed to be of a different mentality and emotional mindset than his father was. He is now wishing to, with Vox Machina and the remainder of the Herd, bring this fight to the black dragon itself, pulling themselves from under the thumb of its rule, thus saving Westruun and their own lives in the process. The party has brought to life one child who was lost in this fray, and are currently escorting this boy northward towards the temple district of Westruun."

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  • Yulia:  Theodore's mother.

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