Margrave Atrix held the position of Margrave of the city of Westruun for over ten years, and he was fairly respected within the township.[1]  As an NPC, he was played by Matthew Mercer.

Background Edit

While Atrix's political climb was a bit aggressive, he since grew to be a formidable leader.  He has also been known to take personal delight in the occasional celebration, allowing himself to relax publicly.  Friendly in demeanor, though strict in law, Margrave Atrix is not one to cross.[1]

Destruction of Westruun Edit

When the Chroma Conclave attacked Westruun, followed immediately by the invasion of the Herd of Storms, Margrave Atrix lost control of his city.  Kevdak took the Margrave's house as his own, and Atrix was killed and had his head impaled on a barricade as a warning symbol.[2]

References Edit

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