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A beholder is a powerful creature that originated in the Far Realm.

Description Edit

An evil aberration, a beholder's body consists of a hovering skull with a wide and toothy maw, an enormous central eye, and ten independently moving eyes at the end of their own eyestalks.

Abilities Edit

      Note:  This section does not specify the copywritten monster ability details, which are available in the D&D 5th edition Monster Manual.
  • Immunities:  The "prone" condition.
  • Senses:  Darkvision.
  • Languages:  Deep Speech; Undercommon.
  • Attacks
    • Antimagic Cone:  The beholder can negate magic within a 150-ft cone in front of its central eye.
      • Also negates the effects of its own eye rays within that area.
    • Bite:  The beholder can bite at a target with its giant, toothy maw.
    • Eye Rays:  A beholder has ten different eyes attached to its head, each of which can emit a different magical ray at separately selected targets.
  • Charm Ray
  • Paralyzing Ray
  • Fear Ray
  • Slowing Ray
  • Enervation Ray (necrotic damage)
  • Telekinetic Ray
  • Sleep Ray
  • Petrification Ray
  • Disintegration Ray (force damage)
  • Death Ray (necrotic damage)
  • Legendary Action:  A beholder can use one of its eye rays at the end of another character's turn.

Known Beholders Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Beholders being Product Identity of Wizards of the Coast under the Open Game Licence, they are replaced with unspecified extraplanar aberrations in the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Guide.

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