The Braving Grounds District is a district of Vasselheim devoted to the veneration of Kord.

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Crucible:  An arena fighting pit where Grog challenged the previously reigning champion, known as Kern "the Hammer".
  • Statue of Kord:  Atop the Trial Forge, a gargantuan statue of Kord loomed over the entire district.  The statue depicted a musclebound titan of a figure standing heroically with a giant beard, bracers on his arms, and one knee raised.[1]
  • The Trial Forge:  The local sacred temple to the patron god, Kord.  It also served as a meditation and physical training center.[2]

Notable People Edit

  • Earthbreaker Groon:  The Dawn Marshal of the Braving Grounds and the highest-ranking religious leader of Kord's worship in Vasselheim.

References Edit

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