ChromaConclave by BrinMataujall

Fan art of the Chroma Conclave attacking Emon in "Omens" (4x01), by Thomas Brin.[art 1]

The Chroma Conclave was a faction of five chromatic dragons confronted by Vox Machina. The blue dragon, Brimscythe, was defeated pre-stream; the remaining red, green, white, and black dragons were major villains over the course of chapters 4 through 6 (episodes "Omens" (4x01) through "The Deceiver's Stand" (6x14)).

Story So Far Edit

Background Edit

"The Story of Vox Machina" (Sx06) Edit


Art of an unknown dragon looking through one of the orbs on the wall of Brimscythe's lair, by Wendy Sullivan Green. From "The Story of Vox Machina" (Sx06).

Vox Machina first encountered the Chroma Conclave (although they didn't know it at the time) when they went through a transportation circle in the home of General Krieg and discovered a cavern full of treasure. On the wall were four obsidian orbs. One of the orbs was touched and a massive, scaly eye appeared within it. As it appeared, a voice called out for "Brimscythe". The eye then noticed Vox Machina, and the voice said "Intruders. I know your face now. He is a fool, and so are you, insect." All four orbs cracked simultaneously and became inert.[1]

General Krieg himself then appeared in the cavern and revealed his true form as the blue dragon Brimscythe. The dragon fought against Vox Machina, nearly devouring several members of the group, but was eventually slain by Vax'ildan. In his death throes, Brimscythe thrashed about the cavern, knocking down several support pillars and causing the roof to collapse. Vox Machina barely escaped back through the teleportation circle.[2]

Occupation of Emon Edit

In "Omens" (4x01), the Chroma Conclave invaded Emon, destroying most of the city. The city was subsequently occupied by Thordak, the red dragon.

Members Edit

References Edit

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