"Crimson Diplomacy" (3x02) is the second episode of the third chapter of Critical RoleVax'ildan finds himself alone in the clutches of the villainous Briarwoods!  While the party rushes in to save him, they are joined by a mysterious tiefling named Lillith Daturai, a powerful wizard on the run from bounty hunters.  Can Vox Machina save both Vax and Lillith from their grim fates?

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"The party, after traveling abroad in the distant city of Vasselheim and the surrounding lands, eventually returned to Emon, their central hub city where they have their Greyskull Keep constructed, to relax and take in a brief moment of respite, before learning that the Briarwoods—two individuals apparently responsible for much darkness and sadness in the history of Percy—were coming to court within a week to have a feast and talk with Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei. Upon hearing the Briarwoods were arriving within the week to discuss political matters and enjoy a feast, the members of Vox Machina, who are part of the Council of Tal'Dorei, were invited.

"Within that week, they made their various preparations, made their various beard-checks, made their various beard-shavings, and made their way to the central palace in the Cloudtop District of Emon. The Briarwoods arrived, a feast was put out, however Percy went in under an illusion to look like Vax, while Vax went invisible. Everyone had formal attire on, weapons left at the door, unarmored, dressed for the occasion. During the feast, conversations were had, questions were raised, and information was extracted. Seeker Assum had requested to have been met in the foyer by our rogue here, who forgot and then decided to go on his own upstairs, following the Briarwoods to the second floor where their guest room was set. He distracted one of the guards with his Serpent Belt, knocked out the other, entered the room, and found himself face-to-face with the Briarwoods themselves. After a brief discussion, a little bit of awkwardness, [Vax] attempted to leave but [was] placed in a holding pattern, if you will, by a Hold Person spell and had the two Briarwoods come up to [him], whisper in [his] ear that [he] had nothing to worry about, [he looks] delicious."

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Fan art of Sylas Briarwood turning as he hears Percy scream his name, by Jessica Huegel (@Cryptobaffling).[art 1]

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  1. Fan art of Sylas Briarwood turning as he hears Percy scream his name, by Jessica Huegel (@Cryptobaffling) (source).  Used with permission.

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