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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Now that Chapter 8 is pretty much set (apart from new episodes and one that doesn't have a public transcript yet), it's time to start focusing on Chapter 7!


    Ann'ts Recap Part I Part II Inven'ry …

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    Making chapter 8 the top priority to get summaries done. Will be writing these articles as completed transcripts become available. (I'm also trying to be better about catching the unfinished transcri…

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  • CorvusTheFeatherbrain

    Hurricane Irma

    September 10, 2017 by CorvusTheFeatherbrain

    Hello, everyone.

    Within the next 24 hours, my city will receive a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. At first we thought it would pass us by and we'd just get the edges, but the forecast has shifted over…

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    I should sleep

    September 5, 2017 by Androgynousweirdo

    I have spent, easily, a full work day on this wiki today. Possibly more. I don't care to do the math. I did almost forget to pick up my roommate from work because I got so engrossed. (That's a lie, I …

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  • Androgynousweirdo

    From somewhere upwards of 450 stub articles (wish I had recorded the exact number!), or about 70% of all pages on the site, we are now down to 269 and only 37% of pages. In addition to that, many of …

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