"Curious Tides"
The thumbnail for "Curious Tides" (7x05), featuring Liam O'Brien and Laura Bailey as Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.
Chapter 7, Episode 5  (G&S #89)
2017-03-09 19:00 PST
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"Curious Tides" (7x05) is the fifth episode of the seventh chapter of Critical Role. Having procured the lodestones, Vox Machina returns to Vesrah with Vax'ildan's life on the line as they hurry to save their fallen companion. Bargains and promises are made, cards are drawn, and new power is unlocked as Keyleth's Aramenté trials come to an end.

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"Vox Machina had made their way west into the Ozmit Sea to the Islands of Anamn and the city of Vesrah: the final stop in Keyleth's long-running Aramenté to prove herself leader of her people of Zephyra.

"Here they were given a task as part of the Aramenté where they had to retrieve three lodestones within the rift to the Water Elemental Plane, which as of late had been taken up residence by a kraken: an ancient pet of the titans, now freed and left to wander, to feed, grow, and apparently loom across that boundary.

"The party went in and—due to an unfortunate vomiting episode underwater—drew the attention of the kraken, and a very, very intense battle ensued, in which most of [them] managed to escape by the skin of [their] teeth. However, in the battle Vax did fall, his body left cold and lifeless beneath the waters.

"In a last-minute urge of leadership, Keyleth reached out, grabbed the twins, and Plane Shift'ed back into the Prime Material Plane, with Percival, Taryon, and Grog looking to escape. [Grog] managed to be vomited up with apparently almost no hit points left and jumped through the portal while flicking off the kraken."

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Vax Keyleth Vex After Vax-s Resurrection

Fan art of Keyleth, Vax'ildan, and Vex'ahlia after Vax's resurrection ritual in "Curious Tides" (7x05), by Elaine Tipping.[art 1]

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  1. Fan art of Keyleth, Vax'ildan, and Vex'ahlia after Vax's resurrection ritual in "Curious Tides" (7x05), by Elaine Tipping (source).  Used with permission.

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