Dr. Dranzel is a half-orc violinist and the leader of Dr. Dranzel's Spectacular Traveling Troupe. As an NPC, Dr. Dranzel is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Dr. Dranzel is a rowdy-looking but well-dressed half-orc. He keeps his black hair slicked back. He has a rough-looking, angry chin. His general appearance leans more towards the orc side than the human side.[2]

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"A Musician's Nostalgia" (3x14) Edit

"Loose Ends" (6x15) Edit

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Trivia Edit

Scanlan's nickname for Dranzel, "Dr. Dra", is a reference to well-known rapper and record producer Andre "Dr. Dre" Young.

References Edit

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  1. Fan art of Dr. Dranzel, by Jessica Huegel (@Cryptobaffling) (source).  Used with permission.

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