Draconia was a floating archipelago of cities east of Tal'Dorei across the Lucidian Ocean,[1] on the continent of Wildemount.[citation needed]  It was a dragonborn kingdom and the home of Tiberius Stormwind.

Draconian society had institutional class- and tail-based slavery, which is why Tofor Brotoras and Gern Blanston (both blue dragonborn) had negative reactions to Tiberius.[2]

Tiberius's character introduction indicated that Draconia had a "high council", although its purpose and jurisdiction was not clear, as well as a magic guild.[3]  Tiberius also said that Draconia has its own army of three hundred strong, and an air force numbering at around two hundred that used wyverns to fly.[citation needed]

Draconia was one of the destinations to which Tiberius could teleport using his Circle of Teleportation spell.

Draconia's cities floated in the sky using the same type of enchanted crystal clusters used in skyships.[4]  When the Chroma Conclave unleashed its assault across Exandria, the floating cities of Draconia came crashing down.[5]

Notable Locations Edit

  • Tyriex:  Small town within the heart of Draconia; home of Tiberius.

References Edit

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