An ember roc is a variant of the standard roc, created by Matthew Mercer.

Creature Information Edit

Ember rocs are giant fiery birds, probably originating from the Fire Plane[presumed].

Vox Machina first encountered an ember roc in "Clash at Daxio" (6x08) during the battle at Fort Daxio, where it was being used as a mount by a fire giant. After its master dismounted, the ember roc joined the battle as well, but was eventually slain by Grog.[1]

Abilities Edit

Due to their fiery nature, ember rocs are immune to fire damage. They have a rechargeable ability called Inferno which burns nearby enemies in certain radius. In addition to this, they also have normal multiattack consisting of one bite and two claw attacks.

  • Inferno

References Edit

  1. See "Clash at Daxio" (6x08).[citation needed]