Exandria is the name of the world on which most events of Critical Role take place. It has two moons, although one of them is small enough that it generally goes unnoticed.[1]  Exandria exists in the Material Plane, although it features connections to other planes of existence, such as the portals to the elemental planes guarded by the Ashari.

History Edit

See History of Exandria.

Calendar Edit

See Calendar of Tal'Dorei.

Continents Edit

  • Gwessar / Tal'Dorei:  A northern continent[2] which contains the kingdom of Tal'Dorei.
  • Issylra:  A continent northwest of Tal'Dorei that features the region of Othanzia,[3] which includes Vasselheim and Pyrah.
  • Marquet:  A southern continent of mountains[4] and approximately 70% desert[2], there are few bastions of civilization to be found aside from Ank'Harel.
  • The Underdark:  This subterranean region is isolated and distinct from the political, social, economic, and environmental regions of the surface world.
  • Wildemount:  Located to the northeast of Tal'Dorei, this continent is largely isolated and, outside of Draconia, has little contact and next to no trade with the outside world.[citation needed]

Bodies of Water Edit

References Edit

  1. Matthew Mercer explained that Exandria is the name of the world and it has two moons. (source)
  2. See "Critical Role Panel w/ Matthew Mercer and Mary E. McGlynn from MomoCon" from 32:58 through 34:30.
  3. Matthew Mercer confirmed that Exandria is the world, Issylra is a continent, and Othanzia is a region in Issylra.
  4. Marquet was introduced in Chapter 3. See "Echoes of the Past" (3x15) from 2:24:19 through 2:28:25.

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