Faeryn Stormwind is a Silver Dragonborn monk and Tiberius Stormwind's brother. Orion Acaba plays him in a different campaign he is playing concurrently with the Vox Machina campaign.

Character Information Edit

Faeryn hails from Tyriex, Draconia. He speaks Common, Draconic, and Dwarvish. He comes from a very political family. He is an Open Hand monk. [2]

His personality is respectful, but impatient and he likes to do things his own way.

He is currently adventuring on the Sword Coast and saved and mounted a hippogriff named Addlyn. [3]

Tiberius sent him a letter with a Tear of Bahamut because he sensed a great shadow descending on the land. [4]

References Edit


  1. Fan art of Faeryn Stormwind, by Andy Lee (source).  Permission needed.

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