"Family Matters"
The thumbnail for "Family Matters" (7x12), featuring Travis Willingham and Ashley Johnson as Grog Strongjaw and Pike Trickfoot.
Chapter 7, Episode 12  (G&S #96)
2017-05-04 19:00 PDT
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"Family Matters" (7x12) is the twelfth episode of the seventh chapter of Critical Role. Vox Machina mobilizes to assist the Trickfoots in purging Pike of the blood curse. However, some things are not as they seem...

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"Vox Machina, having completed their venture over the past few arcs—having freed Whitestone from the tyranny of the Briarwoods, having brought down the Chroma Conclave, and essentially brought freedom back to Tal'Dorei—[they] closed up some loose ends, Keyleth finished her Aramenté, and [they] all went to [their] business for a year-long time jump.

"[They] returned, and each of [them] recounted the things [they] accomplished in that year, culminating in a Winter's Crest beachside vacation in the Bay of Gifts at the Port of Shamel [spelling?], which involved some escalating pranks.

"[They] returned to [their] home in Whitestone and reconvened—especially after building [their] bake shop in Whitestone. But upon situating [themselves] after [their] return and enjoying this peaceful period of recovery and expansion of Whitestone itself, there was an arrival on the outskirts of the city. There was a cart of horses pulling a group of four gnomes that all eventually revealed themselves to be family of Pike Trickfoot.

"After taking them in, whether or not [Vox Machina was] excited or eager to, nevertheless [they] treated them with hospitality, gave them a place to stay, gave them food for the evening, conversations were had, [and] information was passed around.

"A handful of [the party]—listening on the conversations and pushing for information with the eldest of them, Uncle Ogden—discovered some sort of true purpose as to why they came to Whitestone, dealing with apparently a long-running blood curse that lies in the Trickfoot family, and [after] Ogden [began] having visions, [he] along with the rest of the family that takes care of him made their way towards Whitestone [with] the information gathered by JB Trickfoot—the esteemed keeper of knowledge about [Vox Machina's] journey over the past year or so and the exploits of her cousin Pike.

"That being the case, [Vox Machina] promised them a tour of the grounds, perhaps seeking more information on what the next steps are regarding this curse, if there are any."

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  • The language Ogden spoke during the "exorcism" was not a language at all; it was complete gibberish.[1]

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  1. Matthew Mercer confirmed that Ogden was speaking gibberish during the ritual. (source)


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