Map of TalDorei

Foramere Basin is located in Tal'Dorei, south of Westruun.

The Foramere Basin is a low-elevation region in central Tal'Dorei where water from two rivers forms a giant lake before draining into the Lucidian Ocean.  One river flows from the Cliffkeep Mountains in the northwest, and the other from the Stormcrest Mountains in the south.  The Foramere Basin itself is located south of Westruun, north of the Frostweald, and southwest of Kymal.

Settlements Edit

After the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei and Westruun was overtaken by Umbrasyl and Kevdak's roving band of barbarians, many of Westruun's citizens fled the area.  While some refugees were welcomed into Kymal, many were turned away due to the sheer number of people displaced.  Those people travelled to the Foramere Basin and established an encampment.[1]

References Edit

  1. See "Into the Frostweald" (4x10).


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