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Fan art of Ghurrix and his summoned Erinyes, by Emmanuel Padilla.[art 1]
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Ghurrix is a pit fiend who frequented the slave markets in the City of Brass. He is one of the ambassadors to the Nine Hells.[4] As an NPC, Ghurrix is played by Matthew Mercer.

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"Where the Cards Fall" (6x06) Edit

"Brawl in the Arches" (6x07) Edit

At the start of the battle with Vox Machina, Ghurrix was grappled by Grog,[5] but soon broke free and began flying towards Keyleth,[6] who had previously tried to cast Feeblemind on him. Scanlan placed Bigby's Hand between the fiend and the druid, blocking him from reaching her.[7] Vex'ahlia, who was nearby, began to feel the effects of Ghurrix's Fearful Aura but managed to resist it.[8] Keyleth also resisted the fear and attempted to Earthbind the fiend, but he managed to shrug it off.[9]

As Keyleth ran underneath Ghurrix to get closer to her allies, he took a swing at her with his mace, which burst into flame and slammed into her head, dealing heavy damage.[10] Frustrated by the arcane hand blocking his path to the druid, Ghurrix turned his attention towards Vax'ildan, who had been flying around and throwing daggers at him the whole time. The fiend used his multiattack against the rogue. The bite missed due to Scanlan's Cutting Words and Vax managed to dodge the mace, but the claw and tail both hit and caused severe damage. Ghurrix then jumped down to the other side of the building, placing it between himself and Vox Machina.[11] Vax looked down at the pit fiend, became frightened, and flew as far away as he could.[12]

After a few moments, Ghurrix shot back into the air and flew towards Scanlan and Vex. The gnome was ready for this and cast Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, but the pit fiend shattered it instantly. Keyleth fired off a Sunbeam at the same time, and although it hit the mark Ghurrix managed to resist most of its effects. He then unleashed a full series of attacks against Vex'ahlia, knocking her out instantly.[13] Shortly after, a member of the Illuminated arrived on the scene and began drawing his weapon as he saw what was happening.

You have angered the city guard. You have no victory now.
Ghurrix to Vox Machina[14]

Ghurrix dropped down next to Pike and Scanlan and unleashed his full set of attacks upon the gnome cleric. Scanlan used his Cutting Words to make the tail attack miss, but the bite poisoned Pike and the three attacks that did hit her were enough to knock her unconscious.[15]

Ghurrix saw Keyleth use a Sunbeam to destroy the erinyes that he had summoned[16] and became infuriated. Leaping into the air, he landed between Scanlan and Vex'ahlia and unleashed two attacks on each of them. His bite poisoned Vex and knocked her unconscious. Scanlan tried to make one of the attacks miss by using Cutting Words in the form of a dirty limerick, but, while Ghurrix was disgusted by the words, he still hit with all of his attacks.[17]

Scanlan pulled out Mythcarver, which began glowing and filled him with the spirits of a hundred bards who wielded it before him. Letting the blade guide him, Scanlan unleashed a flurry of attacks on Ghurrix, cutting off one wing and then the other. The pit fiend snarled as the bard prepared for his final attack.

I will find you.
Ghurrix's final words to Scanlan Shorthalt[18]

With that, Scanlan stabbed Ghurrix in the heart with Mythcarver. The fiend gasped, his jaw hanging open and his eyes going dark as his body burned into ash and dissipated.[3]

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  • Fearful Aura[19]
  • Multiattack: Bite, claw, mace, and tail[20]

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  2. Matthew Mercer explained that it was unlikely that Ghurrix would seek vengeance against Vox Machina. Because he was defeated by a (seemingly) random group of people, he would have been demoted to a lower rank of devil. See "Talks Machina #9: 'What Lies Beneath the Surface'" (TMx09).[citation needed]
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