Greyskull Keep

Art of Greyskull Keep by Wendy Sullivan Green from "The Story of Vox Machina" (Sx06).

Greyskull Keep is the home of Vox Machina. It is located in Tal'Dorei, just outside the slums of Emon on the southern side.[1]

After first saving the city of Emon, Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III and the Council of Tal'Dorei rewarded them with the construction of Greyskull. It took six months to build.  Following Vox Machina's adventures in Whitestone, Sovereign Uriel agreed to make Greyskull Keep the Whitestone Embassy in Emon.

Keep Description Edit


Floor layouts of Greyskull Keep by Matthew Mercer [2]

Greyskull is located on top of a grassy hill surrounded by a river outside of the wall of the Abdar's Promenade district.

A massive gate blocks the entrance to the courtyard of the keep, usually guarded by at least one person at all times. An iron bell is situated at the top of the keep to alert everyone inside of new arrivals.

There are several sections to the keep:

Sleeping Quarters Edit

Section of the keep where the rooms of the various members of Vox Machina and their staff reside.

  • Tiberius's Room: Tiberius once mentioned that he had a dirt bath with various minerals from the earth to clean his scales. It is unknown if Vox Machina has done anything to his room after his departure.

Temple to Sarenrae Edit

The temple to Sarenrae is located near the bottom of the keep. The roof is about two stories in height, with an opening at the top to allow light to shine on the altar at the end of the room. On the two walls that lead up to the shrine on either side are windows ordained with colored glass. There are trees and bushes in pots along the sides, and wooden benches set up in rows facing the altar.

The Dining Room Edit

A communal dining area that consists of four large round wooden tables.

Treasury Edit

Room where a large part of Vox Machina's finances are kept.

Basement Edit

The basement of Greyskull Keep features a small holding cell for storing prisoners as well as Percy's workshop. Percy's workshop includes several workbenches and a forge.

Notable People Edit

Prior to completion, Vox Machina hired staff to take care of the place. They also hired guards, using Grog's idea of having each guard pull a straw and fight to the death to determine who was strong enough to defend the keep.

Guards Edit

Servants Edit

Former Staff Edit

  • Jarett Howarth:[4]  Former captain of the guard. Now works in Whitestone.
  • Cordell:[4]  Deceased. Male half-orc guard; wore scaled armor and wielded a two-handed sword; part of the night shift.
  • Natibe Kurios:[5]  Presumed dead. Guard; part of the day shift.[citation needed]  Male elf rogue; master of spying and infiltration.[5]

Trivia Edit


Castle Grayskull, on which Greyskull Keep was modeled.

According to the cast, the physical appearance of Greyskull Keep in the gameworld is nearly identical to Castle Grayskull from the TV show and comics He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The keep is represented in real life, and for the purposes of miniatures, by a model of Castle Grayskull that was sent in by a fan,[6] though the model has not been used on the game board yet.

References Edit

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