The Isle of Glintshore is an island, part of the Hespet Archipelago[1], in the Southern part[2] of the Ozmit Sea north of Ank'Harel. It is covered in glass,[1] and most of the vegetation on the island has been burned away.[3]

Anna Ripley came to this island with a crew seeking the Vestige Whisper just off the coast and retreated inland once Vox Machina arrived. The two groups had a deadly confrontation on the island which claimed the lives of both Percy and Ripley.[3]

Some sort of cavern exists in the center of the island, which features a smoothed-out tunnel and an ancient altar surrounded by bones. Within the altar was a scroll for the 9th-level spell Gate.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • The imagery used harkens back to the early episodes when Vox Machina was traveling The Underdark and came across a "sea" of bones and glass.[5]
  • This island has many features in common with the island where Raishan takes Thordak after the battle in Emon[6].

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