J'mon Sa Ord, the Soul of the Jeweled City, is the ruler of Ank'Harel, the central town in a far-off continent called Marquet.  Their true form is that of an ancient brass dragon; their name in that form is Devo'ssa. As an NPC, J'mon Sa Ord is played by Matthew Mercer.

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J'mon Sa Ord is a slender, humanoid entity, androgynous and beautiful. Their skin is a deep-set reddish brown, smooth and impeccable. Their features are extremely fine and delicate. Their eyes have black sclerae and pupils that burn like molten metal. J'mon is almost as tall as Grog and has elongated limbs. Their overall appearance is somewhat alien, not quite matching that of a man, elf, or fey. J'mon does not wear any jewelry, ceremonial adornments, or crown. They just wear a simple brown cotton shirt over simple elegant pants. They don't wear any shoes, preferring to leave their feet bare.[6]

In their true form, Devo'ssa is a massive brass dragon. The golden scales on their wings and tail tip shift to green in the sunlight. Their appearance is beautiful and frightening at the same time, although there is almost a smile and benevolence to their presence. The dragon's eyes are the same as those in their humanoid form: black sclerae with molten pupils.[7]

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Devo'ssa fought and defeated Thordak when he tried to attack Ank'Harel, although the red dragon was much younger and smaller at the time.

JmonSaOrd by SusanahGrace WIP2

Fan art of the J'mon Sa Ord bust from Krieg's home, by Susanah Grace.[art 2]

In General Krieg's home, Vox Machina discovered a series of bronze busts of J'mon Sa Ord wearing a cloth headwrap.  Although the cloth headwrap and neckwrap were detailed, the features of J'mon's face were plain and nondescript.  Vox Machina didn't recognize the face at all, but the party recalled tales from a far-off continent called Marquet.  Marquet was known as a largely desert landscape (desert and mountains).  Of the few bastions of civilization that existed in this desert, there was a central town referred to as Ank'Harel, which was a little oasis in the center of this vast desert.

According to the tales, Ank'Harel had been ruled in a very benevolent way—since its existence began about four hundred years ago—by an individual referred to as J'mon Sa Ord.  People don't know if they are human or what they are, but they have apparently lived that long.  Vox Machina had heard that J'mon Sa Ord was human, but their features were hard to make out—even looking into their face, one would seem unable to focus.  The series of busts in General Krieg's home seemed to depict this individual, but Vox Machina had never seen anything like this art in Tal'Dorei and had no reference for comparison.[8]

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Upon meeting Vox Machina, J'mon tested them with a Cobalt Golem.

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BlackSalander Earth Titan Vox Machina Devo'ssa

Fan art of Vox Machina flying towards Thar Amphala atop Devo'ssa, by BlackSalander.[art 3]

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Devo'ssa has a history with Thordak, having fought off the red dragon when he attacked Ank'Harel. Many years later, J'mon promised to help Vox Machina in their battle against the Cinder King, offering them a magic flute which they could use to summon the brass dragon to their side.

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  • Invisibility[9]
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  • Mass Cure Wounds[10]

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  • J'mon Sa Ord's gender-neutral pronouns are "they/them/their".[11]

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