"K'Varn Revealed"
K'Varn Revealed
The thumbnail for "K'Varn Revealed" (1x10), featuring Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master.
Chapter 1, Episode 10  (G&S #10)
2015-05-14 19:00 PDT
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"K'Varn Revealed" (1x10) is the tenth episode of the first season of Critical Role. After encountering a menagerie of trouble, Vox Machina looks into a cavern alcove and discovers the veil between planes that K'Varn stepped through to gain entrance to Yug'Voril. Making their way forward, Keyleth performs a Scrying ritual on the being himself, and discovers his true identity...

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"The party was initially sent on a quest into the mountainous region beneath the dwarven city of Kraghammer to find a folk hero of the region named Lady Kima of Vord, a halfling paladin who had gone missing while on a vision quest that had apparently led her to some evil that was brewing beneath the city. As the party went in search of her, they ended up finding themselves climbing deeper, deeper into the Underdark, a very scary portion of the subterranean world, encountering numerous beasts, discovering there was apparently an alliance that had been forged between the illithids—the mind flayers that lived down there—and the duergar, who normally are at odds, have formed some sort of pact. Upon battling their way deeper into the cavernous regions below, the lava-encrusted obsidian walls, they began to uncover a plot that apparently some monstrosity, some new dark leader by the name of K'Varn had been the one responsible for uniting them, and currently resides in a temple in the center of the subterranean illithid city of Yug'Voril.

"[Vox Machina] made [their] way down to what seems to be the cavern that contains the island that Yug'Voril resides upon. [They] managed to scavenge a few broken boats from a lake that surrounds the island, Percy repaired them, and [they] rode around the outskirts to what seemed to be some sort of a beachside cavern. Upon entering the cavern, [they] found a partially buried chest or container of some kind, what looks like some sort of a camp that had been destroyed and scattered, and a few rotting corpses against the walls. As [they] continued to inspect the area, the corpses began to rise from their sitting positions. With previous experience in the realm of undead, [they] know the eyes of these creatures carry far more intelligence than your run-of-the-mill zombie."

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The team jumps right into a fight with some undead. Vax'ildan ends up surrounded and takes a few hits, getting paralyzed before the team can jump to his aid, but the fight is over almost before it begins once Tiberius gets involved. What Tiberius didn't kill Vex'ahlia does.

While the team tries to recover from the battle they are engaged by a cloaker. After enveloping Tiberius and being telekinetically thrown from him the group chooses to retreat to the boat. The cloaker gives chase and the party must battle over water. Scanlan proves his ingenuity once again and uses a new spell, Bigby's Hand, to help fight the cloaker and once it is defeated Percy chooses to skin the monster.

They make their way to another beach in the massive cavern and end up encountering a group of grick. Tiberius makes short work of them by tossing a bomb crafted by Percy into the room and throwing a fireball on top of it. Once dealt with they look into the cavern room and discover the veil between planes that K'Varn stepped through to gain entrance to Yug'Voril.

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Keyleth chooses to scry Yug'Voril and sees a collection of horrors being wrought by K'Varn. With Keyleth’s scrying we learn that the dreaded K'Varn is a massive beholder. They make their way closer to Yug'Voril and they see a city made in a way that defies their understanding. As they travel closer to the end of their current goal they encounter a towering humanoid and as they try to react it rushes them.

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