Kern "The Hammer" is a half-orc and a multiclassed barbarian/monk. Kern fights in a Vasselheim arena called the Crucible. As an NPC, he is portrayed by Matthew Mercer.

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Kern is a half-orc man, six feet and six inches tall. He is incredibly well-built and has a bald head with a big bristly mustache. His face looks like he's been in a lot of fights over the years. When he fought Grog in the Crucible he was wearing a simple tattered tunic with leather pants and boots.[1]

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"Hubris" (2x01) Edit

When Vox Machina arrived in Vasselheim, Grog challenged Kern (who had not yet multiclassed). Kern emerged victorious, but it was a close contest with a narrow victory.

"The Rematch" (2x07) Edit

While Grog went about his business with other tasks, Kern devoted himself to training as a monk, multiclassing as a Barbarian/Monk. Grog returned, and although Kern's new abilities were formidable, Grog managed to defeat Kern—though, again, the victory was narrow.

"Return to Vasselheim" (4x05) Edit

Upon Vox Machina's return to Vasselheim after the destruction of Emon, Kern showed up at the Crucible while they were engaging in some day drinking. When he saw Grog, he immediately backed out of the pub, and tried to run away. Grog gave chase and inquired about Kern's training under Earthbreaker Groon, and a possible source of warriors to fight the Chroma Conclave.

Relationships Edit

Grog Strongjaw Edit

Following their two fights, the second of which Grog conclusively won via power-bomb, Kern seems to be a bit intimidated by Grog, and even ran away from him when he saw him after their second fight. Grog treats Kern like a respected rival, and seems to hold no grudges about the injuries and heartbreak that accompanied his loss to Kern.

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References Edit

  1. See "Hubris" (2x01) at 0:43:10.


  1. Fan art of Kern "the Hammer" fighting Grog Strongjaw in the Crucible, by Tanya Kahley (source).  Permission needed.

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