Delilah Briarwood
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Fan art of Delilah Briarwood, by Nicklas Andersson.[art 1]
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"The Feast" (3x01)
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Delilah Briarwood
Lady Briarwood
Creature Type
Wizard (School of Necromancy)[1]

  1. Stabbed by Cassandra and her corpse dissolved in acid.
  2. Found alive in "Unfinished Business" (8x01) but later shot through the head by Percival de Rolo.[2]
("Denouement" (3x12), "Race to the Tower" (8x03))
Wildemount originally;
Whitestone after assassinating the de Rolos
Sylas Briarwood (husband)
Remnants (member)
Anna Ripley (hired to construct the distillery beneath Whitestone)

≥ 17[3]




[[:Category:{{{FanArt}}}|Fan art of Delilah Briarwood]]

Delilah Briarwood, or Lady Briarwood, was a powerful human wizard—a necromancer, according to Cassandra.[1][5]  She and her husband, Lord Sylas Briarwood, slaughtered the entire de Rolo family (except for Percy and Cassandra), then seized Whitestone for a dark ritual involving Vecna.

About five years after Whitestone fell to the Briarwoods, Percy returned with Vox Machina to claim revenge. They were able to foment a citizens' rebellion, disrupt the Briarwoods' ritual, kill Sylas, and finally kill a grieving Delilah.

However, she was revealed to be alive in Marquet over a year later, after completing a second (or possibly third) ziggurat ritual. She was killed for a second time during the fight against Vecna, after his resurrection atop Entropis.

As of "The Climb Within" (8x11), Delilah is known to have been resurrected yet again and is still at large, presumably with Vecna on the titan headed for Vasselheim.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit


Fan art of Delilah Briarwood, by RobynAlyHope.[art 2]

When Vox Machina first met her, Delilah was a beautiful woman with dark auburn hair, pulled up into a tight braided bun. With gloves on her feminine hands, she wore a blue and black gown that had a long, billowing skirt that tapered up to be form-fitting, wrapping up her neck nearly to her jaw.[6]

Personality Edit

Biography Edit

Background Edit

See also:  Briarwoods

Delilah Briarwood trained briefly at the Alabaster Lyceum in Emon.[7]

"The Feast" (3x01) Edit

"Crimson Diplomacy" (3x02) Edit

"Race to the Ziggurat" (3x11) Edit

"Denouement" (3x12) Edit

"Unfinished Business" (8x01) Edit

"Race to the Tower" (8x03) Edit

"The Endless Atheneeum" (8x07) Edit

Relationships Edit

Sylas Briarwood Edit

Delilah was married to Sylas Briarwood. Their marriage is portrayed as deeply loving; when Sylas is killed by Pike, Delilah is immediately distraught and yells, "You can't! I broke the world for us!"[8].

Cassandra de Rolo Edit

Delilah and Sylas did not kill Cassandra when they murdered the rest of the de Rolo family, but instead kept her as a pawn in maintaining peace in Whitestone. Over time, Cassandra developed a (somewhat Stockholm Syndrome-esque) loyalty to her captors and began to do their bidding. She helped them quash one rebellion attempt prior to Vox Machina's arrival and willingly betrayed her brother to the Briarwoods on his return.

Character Information Edit


Fan art of Delilah Briarwood, by Nadz Salvo.[art 3]

Abilities Edit

Spells Edit

1st-level Edit
2nd-level Edit
  • Hold Person[9]
  • Misty Step
3rd-level Edit
  • Haste
4th-level Edit
  • Blight
  • Dimension Door
5th-level Edit
6th-level Edit
7th-level Edit
  • Finger of Death
8th-level Edit
  • Feeblemind
  • Power Word Stun[11]
9th-level Edit
  • Prismatic Wall[12]

Notable Items Edit

  • Eye of Vecna (removed from her second corpse by Vox Machina,[13] later destroyed by Pelor[14])

Quotations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Laura Bailey dressed as Lady Briarwood during "The Coming Storm" (6x04), which aired the week before Halloween 2016.
  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, she along with her husband, Sylas, represent VI - The Lovers.
  • Delilah has been killed twice so far, both times by a de Rolo; once by Cassandra in "Denouement" (3x12), and once by Percy in "Race to the Tower" (8x03).

References Edit

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