Laina Yor[1] is one of the servants at Greyskull Keep.  As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

Description Edit

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Laina is a plump woman with blonde hair, which she typically wears in a ponytail or bun. Her attire is usually an apron over simple dresses.

Personality Edit

Nearly always smiling, she handles most meals and general cleaning within the Keep.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

"Escape from the Underdark" (1x13) Edit

Laina greeted Vox Machina as they returned to Greyskull Keep after their adventure in the Underdark. She was tired, as it was the middle of the night, but excited to see them, hugging each member of the group. She immediately offered to make them a meal, which they eagerly accepted. Erwen made his appearance at that point, and ordered Laina to go make food, to which she snappily replied that she was already on it.[2]

"The Rematch" (2x07) Edit

"The Feast" (3x01) Edit

"The Path to Whitestone" (3x04) Edit

"Curious Tides" (7x05) Edit

"Voice of the Tempest" (7x06) Edit

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References Edit

  1. Additional details about Laina given on Matthew Mercer's Twitter, 9-Apr-16.
  2. See "Escape from the Underdark" (1x13) from 2:35:30 through 2:37:33.


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