Lamor is a worshipper of Melora in the Abundant Terrace district of Vasselheim. As an NPC, Lamor is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Lamor is an older human woman with hair that fades from red to gray. She is thicker and more muscular than most women of her age. Lamor's skin is weathered from the sunlight and harsh seasons. One of her eyes has a bit of a cataract but the other eye is a clear blue color.[2]

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"Loose Ends" (6x15) Edit

Lamor answered Vox Machina's questions about the Birthheart and was the witness as Vox Machina buried the ashes of Senokir's wife, Zaafin, in the area.

As the party was preparing to leave, Keyleth showed the Spire of Conflux to Lamor, who reacted with shock and told the druid that it was one of the lost artifacts of Melora. Lamor requested that she return it to the priestesses of Melora, but when Keyleth showed reluctance the older woman told her that it was alright to keep it as long as she felt that it was more useful in her possession than with the priestesses.

References Edit

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