This page is about the character from the "Liam's Quest" one-shots.  For the real-world actor, see Liam O'Brien. For the character from the "Thursday by Night" one-shots, see Liam O'Brien (vampire).

Liam O'Brien is a human voice actor/director from "Critical Role EXTRA – Liam's Quest!" (Sx12) and "Liam's Quest: Full Circle" (Sx16).  He is based on the real Liam O'Brien.  As an NPC, he is played by the Dungeon Master, Liam O'Brien.

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The miniature of Liam O'Brien from "Liam's Quest: Full Circle" (Sx16). (source)

Liam O'Brien the character looks exactly like Liam O'Brien the actor.

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Liam O'Brien the character lived a life almost exactly like Liam O'Brien the actor, but he was involved in voice direction on a fictional video game.

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Liam O'Brien never joined in the adventures with the party of voice actors, because his body was horrifically ripped apart and turned into smaller aberrations of himself.

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