This page is about the actor.  For the character from a one-shot campaign, see Marisha Ray (character).
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Marisha Ray

Marisha Ray is a voice actor. She plays Keyleth, a half-elf druid. She also played Edna in "Critical Trolls for Extra Life" (Sx02) and Snizzler in "To the Poop! Goblins: A Critical Role Pathfinder One-Shot" (Sx09).

Before the current campaign, Marisha played another D&D game with the same Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer. Also before the current campaign, she was in another pen-and-paper RPG game with fellow voice actor and player Taliesin Jaffe. She has also played a tabletop version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[citation needed]

Marisha helped Matt host the first pre-stream session of the campaign that later became Critical Role, which was supposed to be a one-time game. She did not play as a character in that particular session.[citation needed]

Upon joining the campaign, Marisha assigned Keyleth's lowest stat to Charisma and played her as very introverted, which worked well because Marisha didn't know the other players well and decided to reflect that uncertainty in her character.[citation needed]

Marisha has the honor of being the first player to roll a natural 20 on Critical Role, which she rolled for a performance check while in the shape of a bear, trying to save Trinket from a bar fight.[1]

When asked if she could be any character, Marisha chose Scanlan or Pike.[citation needed]

Trivia Edit

  • On Talks Machina, the host Brian Wayne Foster likes to "#ThankMyGuests" with names that are either mispronounced or wordplay that sounds close to their names. Here are the names for Marisha Ray so far:
    • Marsha Ray
    • Felicia Ray
    • Marsha Roy
    • Martrisha Rave
    • Martrisha Roy
    • Melinda Blaze
    • Patrisha Glaze
    • Moesha Ray
    • Happy National Barista Day
    • Mariska Haritray
    • Melissa Cray
    • No Dish Array
    • Marisha’s Blazed
    • Marriage on the Way
    • Charisma Nay
    • Mouthful to Say
    • Goldfisha Spray
    • Marriage Is Cray

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References Edit

  1. See "Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01) at 50:34.

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