Osysa[spelling?] is a gynosphinx residing beneath the Slayer's Take guildhall in Vasselheim.  As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Osysa has a large, lion-like body, feathered wings, and the face of a female humanoid with a mane of ashy blond hair and glowing sky blue eyes with no pupils. She wears jewelry wrapped around her neck and shoulders.[1]

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Osysa has been the keeper of the temple to Ioun within the cavern beneath the guildhall for hundreds of years, scrying via a heart glass in the altar with which Ioun extends her vision to "watch the world."  This allows her to locate the guild's quarry, determine the viability of contracts, and watch over her mate, Kamaljiori.[2]  Her clairvoyance pierces through planes, becoming easier to block the farther it extends. While apparently possible, she states that a prior attempt to peer into the Abyss was a "dire mistake."[3]

"Aramente to Pyrah" (2x06) Edit

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