Pelor, the Dawnfather, is the god of the Sun domain[2] and agriculture, and is generally worshiped by farmers and people who live off the land.[3] He is one of the prime creator gods of Exandria.[4] He is the creator of the Sun Tree in Whitestone. As an NPC, Pelor is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Fan art of Pelor, by Emmanuel Padilla.[art 1]

Pelor wears a white cloak over an intricate golden plate armor. Where a head would be, instead, there is a burning star. An almost featureless male head burns within the corona.[5]

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Pelor is the creator of the Sun Tree in Whitestone.

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Vex became a Champion of Pelor as part of Vox Machina's quest to defeat Vecna. She completed his challenge and in return was granted a boon to aid in combat. Furthermore, Pelor gave her a bead of divinity, to be used in creating the Divine Trammels that are a part of the ritual to banish Vecna.[6]

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