To add a quotation to the list, edit this page.  Start a new line in the quotations section and type three plus symbols, followed by the quotation, followed by three regular keyboard hyphens, followed by the source.  Wikimarkup, {{ep ref}}s, and other templates are allowed in both the quote and the source.  A simple example would be:
+++I would like to rage.
---Travis Willingham{{ep ref|ep=1x01|1:11:11}}

For more information on how to use quotations, see:
  • {{quotebox}} for the floating quotation boxes;
  • {{quote multi}} for dialogue or multiline quotations (which can be used in quoteboxes or articles); and
  • {{quote list}} (ideal for episode and character pages).

Quotations in This List Edit

[Percy decides to open the door, instead of letting the stealthy rogue with darkvision do it.]
Dungeon Master:  "Beyond that, it is pitch darkness.  Percy... is the one who cannot see."
Grog, teasing:  "What do you see, Percy?"
Percy:  "I see a door that I have conquered."
from "A Name Is Earned" (4x11)[1]

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Life needs things to live.
Percy trying to explain how the cancerous tree in the Shademirk Bog is surviving as everything around it dies[2]

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A tree is just a door that hasn't been made yet, remember.
Percy, as Vox Machina prepares for the cancerous tree in the Feywild[3]

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Reflist Edit

  1. See "A Name Is Earned" (4x11) at 3:12:16.
  2. See "The Echo Tree" (5x07) at 1:14:21.
  3. See "The Echo Tree" (5x07) at 1:52:37.

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