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Pike Trickfoot
"Image of Pike Trickfoot."}}
Official 2016 character portrait of Pike Trickfoot, by Kit Buss.[citation needed]
Played by
First Seen
Appeared in
Last Seen
Episode Count
Pike Trickfoot[1]
Clanky (nickname by Vax'ildan)[3]
Shortstuff (nickname by Taryon)
Creature Type
Cleric (War Domain; originally Life Domain)
Chaotic Good[4] or Chaotic Neutral[5]
Common[6]; Undercommon[7]; Gnomish (using Dwarvish script)[8]; Dwarvish[9]
Alive (resurrected)[10]
Killed by Jurazel the glabrezu[10]
Wilhand Trickfoot (great-great-grandfather)
Grog Strongjaw (childhood friend; saved his life)
Sarenrae (cleric)
Father Tristan (supervised her resurrection)





[[:Category:{{{FanArt}}}|Fan art of Pike Trickfoot]]

Pike Trickfoot is a gnome cleric of Sarenrae and a member of Vox Machina. She is played by Ashley Johnson.

Intro Edit

"Pike grew up in the outskirts of town, near the Bramblewood. Her ancestors were a family of deep gnomes with quite an unfavorable reputation. Thievery, destruction, and trickery left them with the curse of the last name of Trickfoot.

Sarenrae, the goddess of healing and redemption, had other plans for Pike's great-great-grandfather Wilhand, who left his family at a young age after a dream—a dream that changed the course of the Trickfoot family. Wilhand devoted his life to Sarenrae, and pledged from then on that he and his family would live a life of service and devotion.

As a child, Pike seemed to have an affinity to heal. Whether it was animals, people, or even flowers, she felt she had a purpose in making things whole that had once been broken. She studied and learned the ways to heal through divine magic. She lived a peaceful life, quiet and simple, until one day, Wilhand was captured and almost killed by a group of goliath barbarians. One of the goliaths took a stand against the murder of the innocent gnome, and he himself was beaten, bloodied, and left for dead, abandoned by his herd.

Wilhand went to Pike for help. She prayed, and healed this barbarian as best she could, bringing him back to life. When he awoke, she discovered his name was Grog Strongjaw. After that, they were the best of friends—a rather unlikely pair. Little did she know that in a few years time, Grog would soon return the favor and bring her back from the clutches of death.

After being killed in battle, Pike felt angry. She wanted to be stronger, so that it would never happen again. She spent four months at sea, training with the men and women aboard a ship called The Broken Howl. Gripping her holy symbol in one hand, and her morningstar in the other, this time, Pike is ready."[16]

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Pike, being a gnome, is small in stature, with long white hair wrapped up in braids and occasionally buns.[17] She also has a scar that runs down her left eye,[18] and presumably a scar across her lower torso from being bisected by a glabrezu.[10]

Pike's hair was originally black with a purple streak. After her first death and resurrection her hair turned white.[19]

Personality Edit

Pike, being a cleric of Sarenrae, is very faithful to her. Ever since she died and was brought back, she has been dealing with feelings of frustration, guilt, and anger. Despite being kind and welcoming, she has shown a more violent side, as shown when she killed an unconscious duergar in the Emberhold fortress.,[20]

Pike cares very deeply for all of her party members, and often goes out of her way to ensure nobody falls unconscious or dies in battle. She often feels like she has to put on a brave face for everyone just so they do not worry about her.[21]

Pike's alignment is either chaotic good, like Vax'ildan and (currently) Vexahlia, or chaotic neutral, like Grog.[22]

Biography Edit

Background Edit


Fan art of Pike Trickfoot, by NLN4.[art 1]

Pike is Vox Machina's main healer, capable of healing the entire group at once. She descended from a family of deep gnomes that used to be brigands and thieves before Wilhand, her great-great-grandfather, became a devout follower of Sarenrae. The rest of the family followed in his footsteps, Pike included.

Pike was a childhood friend and companion of Grog, after saving him from the brink of death when he protected Wilhand from the Herd of Storms. When Grog became a victim of a necromantic mage's ritual to achieve lichdom, Pike joined up with other adventurers to save him—becoming the group eventually known as Vox Machina.[23]

Before the Stream Edit

Pike first met the group of adventurers that would become Vox Machina when they traveled to Westruun in search of Grog, who had gone missing several weeks before. She told them that he had been acting strangely and was headed towards Gatshadow Mountain. Pike joined the group to help them find her friend.[23]

Pike landed the killing blow on the white dragon Skysunder,[24] earning her the sobriquet "Dragonslayer".

Pike purposely injured Vax when she found out he had been a "peeping tom" by stepping on his foot. She dealt one nonlethal damage.[25]


Fan art of Scanlan grieving over Pike's death before the stream, by sleepyjaneart.[art 2]

Pike died in battle against a glabrezu named Jurazel.[10] Jurazel picked her up in its pincer-like hand and cut her in half, dealing enough damage to kill her. Fortunately, the group was in Emon and very close to a temple with well-trained clerics, which increased their chances of resurrecting the gnome. After the battle, the group took Pike to the temple to perform a resurrection ritual with the aid of Father Tristan. The challenge of the ritual required various contributions from the group, and they offered three tears from different women, a figure of Pike that Scanlan carved two months before, and a kiss from Scanlan on Pike's brow. It was Scanlan's kiss that pushed the ritual over the edge of success, bringing Pike back to life. Her originally black hair—with purple streak—turned white as a result.[19]

After her resurrection, Pike trained and built up enough strength to wear plate armor in an effort to avoid falling in battle again. The added protection is counterbalanced by its noise while Pike moves, significantly diminishing her stealthiness—sometimes comically so.

Chapter 1 Edit

Chapter 2 Edit

Chapter 3 Edit

Chapter 4 Edit

Chapter 5 Edit

Chapter 6 Edit

Chapter 7 Edit

Relationships Edit

Grog Edit

Main article:  Relationship between Grog and Pike.

Fan art of Grog and Pike, by Kit Buss.[art 3]

Pike became a friend and companion of Grog Strongjaw after saving him from the brink of death when he protected Wilhand from his own tribe. Joining up together as an adventuring group, the two later became members of Vox Machina.

Grog and Pike have a very close friendship, the two of them being like brother and sister, and Pike has often defended him from insults made by fellow party members and sometimes outsiders.[26] After Pike's death from Jurazel, she became more violent and bloodthirsty, sometimes impressing Grog with her ferocity.[20]

Keyleth Edit

Main article:  Relationship between Keyleth and Pike.

Despite having a huge distrust of the gods, Keyleth has a great respect for Pike and the two are good friends.

Before Keyleth departed for the Feywild, Pike told her about how despite being a cleric of Sarenrae, she still has control over her own life. She then gave Keyleth some advice about finding happiness and getting comfortable with Vax.[27] That advice eventually gave Keyleth the courage to confess to him.[28]

Percy Edit

Main article:  Relationship between Percy and Pike.

Pike and Percy are good friends and have the utmost respect for each other despite the latter's views on the gods. During the Whitestone Rebellion, it was Pike who managed to stem the spread of corruption within him, buying him the time that was needed to see his goal through.

Before he departed for the Feywild, Percy was handed a special pendant from Pike that she had taken from her house in Westruun "for his protection".[29] The pendant in question was later used to revive him when he was shot to death during his final encounter with Anna Ripley.[30] However, after it shattered, it was unable to save him twice as Ripley inevitably killed him.[30] His body was later returned to Whitestone where Pike performed a resurrection ritual that ultimately succeeded.[31]

Sarenrae Edit


Fan art of Pike Trickfoot using her healing abilities, by David Rodrigues.[art 4]

Pike is a devout follower of Sarenrae, having learned how to use divine magic to heal at a young age. Pike's connection to Sarenrae is very strong, which has given her immense power, but it is a delicate connection. After brutally murdering an incapacitated duergar during the Emberhold assault,[20] her symbol of Sarenrae cracked and caused her to lose some of her power.[32] That moment made Pike think about her actions and after a long period of deep prayer, she reconnected with her deity and her connection with Sarenrae—and her holy symbol—was restored.[33]

When up against formidable foes, Pike would sometimes pray for Divine Intervention from Sarenrae, but usually the deity would offer a few words of advice at most, either because she was convinced Vox Machina could handle the challenge on their own or because the situation was not dire enough to require her aid. However, when Pike prayed for help against the white dragon Vorugal, Sarenrae appeared before her and promised to do what she could. The goddess disappeared and brought down a column of divine energy which manifested as a fist and slammed the dragon into the ground.[34]

Scanlan Edit

Main article:  Relationship between Pike and Scanlan.

Scanlan became smitten with Pike when they first met, but the cleric continuously brushed off his advances, no matter how creative, witty, and humorous those advances may have been. Nevertheless, Pike still cared about Scanlan in her own way. She even admitted to the bard that her feelings were growing for him "in a weird way", even though she was in love with someone else.[35] Scanlan proposed marriage to Pike, who did not accept, so before the situation became too awkward, Scanlan rescinded the offer and the two gnomes decided to remain friends.[36]

Vax'ildan Edit

Main article:  Relationship between Pike and Vax'ildan.

Pike, as a person and as a cleric of Sarenrae, was respected by Vax and he originally planned to follow in her footsteps and become a paladin of the goddess, even sewing a symbol of her patron to his glove as a reminder of his bond with his friend.[37] But due to his deal with the Raven Queen, he became fearful that the gnome cleric would shun him for turning away from Sarenrae's light and actively tried to avoid her.[38] When Pike confronted him about his avoiding her,[39] the two came to an understanding, with Vax still believing that despite their differing patrons, he's still following in Pike's footsteps.[29]

Wilhand Trickfoot Edit

Pike cares about her great-great-grandfather very much, expressing deep concern for his well-being when Grog mentioned that his former herd had taken over Westruun. She was greatly relieved when Wilhand was discovered to have survived the herd's occupation.

Character Information Edit

Quests Edit

Pike's main quest is currently unknown.

Ashley has hinted that Pike has somebody from her past that she may be in love with.

Currently, Pike's quest is to rebuild the oldest known temple of Sarenrae, recently unearthed in Vasselheim with a handful of other devotees of the same faith. As a result, Pike is required to separate from the group for long periods of time as the rest of Vox Machina continues with their adventure.

Notable Items Edit

Abilities Edit

Tumblr nr7mforkZl1u0rm2vo1 1280

Fan art of Pike Trickfoot, by Andrew Keller.[art 5]

As a cleric of Sarenrae, Pike has many divine abilities that allow her to heal and give buffs to party members. She also has several abilities that let her deal damage to creatures. She was originally of the Life Domain, but after her death and resurrection, she became a cleric of the War Domain to signify her hardened resolve. As a 15th-level cleric, she has access to all 8th-level, and lower, cleric spells. She can prepare any 20 of these spells each day.

Gnome Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Gnome Cunning

Cleric Abilities Edit

Class Features Edit
  • Channel Divinity (2 uses per short rest)
    • Turn Undead[48]
    • Guided Strike (War Domain)[49]
    • War God's Blessing (War Domain)[50]
    • Destroy Undead (CR 3)[51]
  • Divine Intervention[52]
  • Divine Strike (+1d8 damage to weapon attacks)
  • Spellcasting (Wisdom-based ability)
  • War Priest (War Domain)

Domain Spells Edit

Pike always has access to these spells:

1st-level Edit
  • Divine Favor
  • Shield of Faith[53]
2nd-level Edit
  • Magic Weapon
  • Spiritual Weapon[54]
3rd-level Edit
  • Crusader's Mantle
  • Spirit Guardians[55]
4th-level Edit
  • Freedom of Movement[56]
  • Stoneskin
5th-level Edit
  • Flame Strike[57]
  • Hold Monster

Cleric Spells Edit

Cantrips Edit
1st-level Edit
2nd-level Edit
  • Aid[69]
  • Blindness[70]
  • Lesser Restoration[71]
  • Prayer of Healing (mentioned; not cast) [72]
  • Zone of Truth[73]
3rd-level Edit
  • Beacon of Hope[74]
  • Daylight[75]
  • Dispel Magic[76]
  • Glyph of Warding[77]
  • Mass Healing Word[78]
  • Protection from Energy[79]
  • Remove Curse[80]
  • Revivify[81]
  • Searing Light (Pathfinder spell, seen here)
  • Speak with Dead[82]
  • Water Walk (mentioned; not cast)
4th-level Edit
5th-level Edit
  • Discern Lies (Pathfinder spell, seen here)
  • Greater Restoration[85]
  • Hallow (mentioned; not cast) [33]
  • Insect Plague[86]
  • Mass Cure Wounds[87]
  • Raise Dead[88]
  • Scrying[89]
6th-level Edit
7th-level Edit
8th-level Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sarenrae herself is a neutral good deity, but 5th Edition D&D doesn't require Pike to share the same alignment.[95]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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