Rakshasas are tiger-like extraplanar beings.  They have inverted hands with powerful claws and fierce fangs.  However, they'll rarely use those features in combat, as they disdain fighting at close quarters.  They have the innate ability to shapeshift into other humanoids at will, and will use this to manipulate others.  They are formidable sorcerers, and employ an arsenal of skills to both fight and deceive.

Rakshasas crave power above all else.  They use their natural abilities and considerable intellect to acquire the influence they desire.

According to Allura Vysoren, the essence of a slain rakshasa returns to the Nine Hells, where its body reforms in a painful process that takes weeks or months.[1]

Slayer's Take Contract Edit

Vox Machina was contracted to hunt a rakshasa by the Slayer's Take guild in Vasselheim.[2]  They managed to track down Hotis, a rakshasa using the pseudonym "Hosim" and magically disguised as a dwarf, who was managing an upscale lounge and bar called the Velvet Cabaret.  During the hunt, it was revealed that the rakshasa has a very powerful resistance against magic, as Tiberius and Keyleth's spells often failed.[3]  It was also hinted that the rakshasa has the power to pry into a person's memory, as he learned about the team's most beloved people (Vax'ildan's sister, Tiberius's family, Thorbir's daughter, and so on) and threatened to harm them.[4]

References Edit

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