The Ravinites are a group of tailless dragonborn that were slaves to the Draconians. They were freed from their original enslavement after the destruction of Draconia by Vorugal, only to find themselves serving the ancient white dragon instead. The Ravinites eventually helped Vox Machina kill Vorugal.

Leadership Edit

The leader of the Ravinites is Tooma, an elderly female dragonborn.

Encounters with Vox Machina Edit

Vox Machina first met the Ravinites in "The Frigid Doom" (5x08) in the ruins of Draconia. They tried to disguise themselves as dragonborn, as they didn't know whether the Ravinites worked for Vorugal or not, but the plan failed because Scanlan disguised them as dragonborn with tails, causing the Ravinites to become hostile, as they mistook them for the Draconians who had enslaved them. After realising their mistake, Vox Machina decided to drop the disguise. After some convincing, Skork took them to their chieftain, Tooma. Vox Machina found out that after the fall of Draconia, the Ravinites had been working for the white dragon. Vox Machina made a deal with the Ravinites, and the two groups agreed to help each other kill Vorugal.

Vox Machina kept their promise after returning from Ank'Harel and killed the white dragon, freeing the Ravinites once and for all.

Notable Members Edit

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