Fan art of Tiberius comforting Keyleth, by Kit Buss.[art 1]

In the times that they traveled together, Keyleth and Tiberius had a strong friendship. Oftentimes, the two tried to support each other when in combat or escaping, such as when he took out twelve duergar who were attacking her and others with a Fireball,[1] and then trying to catch her and the gnomes when she reverted from an eagle Wild Shape.[2] Tiberius also viewed Keyleth as elven royalty, and often referred to her as "Your Highness" when he tried to comfort her. For her part, Keyleth seemed to view Tiberius as a sort of advisor when she was upset, such as when Keyleth voiced her reasoning regarding her argument with Lady Kima.[3]

When Tiberius left, it was Keyleth he asked to say his goodbyes to Allura.[4] She was one of the members that were affected the most by the discovery of his body in Draconia, even keeping a piece of his robe for herself and being the one to personally bury him.[5]

Other Intraparty Relationships Edit

Vox Machina's Intraparty Relationships
Grog Keyleth Percy Pike Scanlan Tiberius Trinket Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia
Grog Grog Keyleth & Grog Percy & Grog Pike & Grog Scanlan & Grog Tiberius & Grog Trinket & Grog Vax'ildan & Grog Vex'ahlia & Grog
Keyleth Grog & Keyleth Keyleth Percy & Keyleth Pike & Keyleth Scanlan & Keyleth Tiberius & Keyleth Trinket & Keyleth Vax'ildan & Keyleth Vex'ahlia & Keyleth
Percy Grog & Percy Keyleth & Percy Percy Pike & Percy Scanlan & Percy Tiberius & Percy Trinket & Percy Vax'ildan & Percy Vex'ahlia & Percy
Pike Grog & Pike Keyleth & Pike Percy & Pike Pike Scanlan & Pike Tiberius & Pike Trinket & Pike Vax'ildan & Pike Vex'ahlia & Pike
Scanlan Grog & Scanlan Keyleth & Scanlan Percy & Scanlan Pike & Scanlan Scanlan Tiberius & Scanlan Trinket & Scanlan Vax'ildan & Scanlan Vex'ahlia & Scanlan
Tiberius Grog & Tiberius Keyleth & Tiberius Percy & Tiberius Pike & Tiberius Scanlan & Tiberius Tiberius Trinket & Tiberius Vax'ildan & Tiberius Vex'ahlia & Tiberius
Trinket Grog & Trinket Keyleth & Trinket Percy & Trinket Pike & Trinket Scanlan & Trinket Tiberius & Trinket Trinket Vax'ildan & Trinket Vex'ahlia & Trinket
Vax'ildan Grog & Vax'ildan Keyleth & Vax'ildan Percy & Vax'ildan Pike & Vax'ildan Scanlan & Vax'ildan Tiberius & Vax'ildan Trinket & Vax'ildan Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia & Vax'ildan
Vex'ahlia Grog & Vex'ahlia Keyleth & Vex'ahlia Percy & Vex'ahlia Pike & Vex'ahlia Scanlan & Vex'ahlia Tiberius & Vex'ahlia Trinket & Vex'ahlia Vax'ildan & Vex'ahlia Vex'ahlia

References Edit

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