Pike was sometimes uncomfortable with Scanlan's womanizing and juvenile behavior, but they still maintained a close friendship, having first met in Westruun when Grog went missing.

Scanlan had very strong feelings towards Pike, and their unique relationship was often a source of great humor and emotional moments. Pike herself isn't completely sure about Scanlan; while she likes him, she is not sure he would treat her well.

When Pike was killed by a glabrezu, during the ritual to resurrect her, it was Scanlan's contribution—a kiss to her forehead—that ultimately brought her back to life.

When the members of Vox Machina were escaping from the Underdark, Pike willingly kissed Scanlan on the cheek, something that never happened before, after he saved her from nearly dying again.[1]

As the party's quest to stop the Chroma Conclave became increasingly dangerous, Scanlan wrote a letter to Pike,[2] which she promptly read after he gave it to her,[3] that expressed some of his thoughts and feelings and asked Pike to do certain things should he die. Pike admitted that she does love Scanlan and that her feelings for him are growing "in a weird way", but she loves someone else very much.[4] She promised to do the things in his letter.[5]

After proposing to her, Scanlan later rescinded the offer because he realized that he was more in love with the idea of Pike rather than Pike herself, and the two agreed to remain friends. Scanlan also went on to inspire Pike with advice suggesting that she needs to be brave and eventually tell who she loves how she feels.[6]

After Scanlan's meltdown and subsequent departure from Vox Machina, Pike didn't speak about her feelings on the situation for quite some time. However, after getting drunk with Grog, Pike revealed to him that she uses her earpiece to speak to Scanlan every night to tell him about her day, despite knowing that he wouldn't hear or answer her. That same night, Pike 'told' Scanlan that she had reunited with Vox Machina, and that she missed him, before passing out.[7]

Quotes Edit

  • Scanlan:  "You remember what Pike looks like?"
    Elowen Brist:  "Yeah, about your size, light-ish hair..."
    Scanlan:  "Hair the color of the sunset; eyes like waves that crash in the night; breasts supple, firm–"
    Grog, interrupting:  "Okay, uh, Scanlan, uh, Scanlan–"
    Ashley Johnson:  "True, true, true."[8]

References Edit

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