"Return to Vasselheim" (4x05) is the fifth episode of the fourth chapter of Critical Role.  Now in the relative safety of Vasselheim, Vox Machina begins planning their first move against the Chroma Conclave.  Fortunately, some old friends turn up to offer their aid.

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"The party Vox Machina, having recently suffered their main city of Emon and one of their initial towns where they began their adventures, Westruun, under attack from an entity called the Chroma Conclave—a collection of allied chromatic dragons, extremely powerful, ancient across the board it seems—just wreaking havoc across all of Tal'Dorei. They managed to save a few allies, make a few current tenuous relationships with the Clasp, and moved all the refugees that they had been keeping within Greyskull Keep to Whitestone to keep them safe for the time being, as that town has seemingly been passed over by the dragons that are still heading east across the continent.

"After that the party made their way to Vasselheim, the distant city known as the "Cradle of Faith", the oldest living beacon of civilization in the world that is currently known. After making their way there, the party made their way into the guild of the Slayer's Take, where they had previously signed on after a trial and are members of, to seek more allies throughout the city of Vasselheim in hopes of preparing themselves to retake Emon, and possibly Tal'Dorei, at some point in the near future."

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Fan art of Earthbreaker Groon fighting Grog, by David Rodrigues.[art 1]

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