Salty Pete is a dwarven rogue and member of Vox Moronica, also known as the Good, the Rad, and the Nubbly.  He is played by Dan Casey.

Intro Edit

"So I'm Salty Pete, the First Mate of the Obsidian Helen. A sailor by trade. A scoundrel by nature.

The captain gambled with the ship, so I fed him to a long beaked squid with razor sharp teeth. I've spent time on pontoons, cigarette boats, skiffs, whoring, snoring, and deploring across the land. I'm married to the sea, but me best friend is a hermit crab named Terrence. The only leftover I have from the Helen is her flag, which I wear like a cape.

I've bet many friends over a buttery glass of chardonnay, sailor's choice. But I've lost many more.

If you step to me, you best come correct.

I'm on a quest to reclaim the Helen. I play for pink slips. Looking for clues at the bottom of a glass, oh, you bet your ass I did.

And now I fell in with a fell warlock named the Snugglelord.

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Salty Pete's quest is to reclaim the ship "The Helen".

"''Dungeons & Dragons'' Campaign Tips" (1x12) Edit

During Vox Moronica's fight with the golem, Salty Pete became frozen in place while holding the crystal that gave the golem life. Snugglelord, in an attempt to kill the golem, swung at the crystal with an axe. He was successful in shattering the crystal, but also cut off all of Salty Pete's fingers from his right hand in the process.

He was able to acquire a servant from the refugees at Roch Mar, a human woman who plays the violin, after the group successfully saved the townspeople.

"Critical Trolls for Extra Life" (Sx02) Edit

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Abilities Edit

As a dwarf, Salty Pete's strengths are underground.

Dwarf Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Stonecunning

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Trivia Edit

  • He calls his lockpicking set Mrs. Buttersworth and the Lefty.
  • He is known for saying "Classic Dwarven Slang", especially when referring to Ulfgar Fireforge and his ways of communicating with others.
    • This eventually turned into him using the phrase "Classic Dwarven" to describe anything unusual or ridiculous.
  • Salty Pete has stated that he is a hill dwarf.

References Edit


  1. Fan art of Salty Pete, by Ignacio Anibal Di Meglio (source).  Permission needed.

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