The Shademirk Bog, also known as the Shademirk Forest, was a corrupt, thickly-wooded swamp[1] in the Feywild.  A series of enchanted rivers, collectively known as the Gilded Run, surrounded the Shademirk Bog and prevented the corruption from spreading elsewhere in the Feywild.[2]

The trees of the Shademirk Bog had thick trunks with sagging canopies like weeping willows.  Black, sticky, tar-like ichor coated the vegetation and seeped into the ground.[1]  This viscid substance could impede foot travel; Scanlan, for example, tired from repeatedly extracting his feet from the tar.[3]

The source of the ichor was actually a corrupted archfey name Saundor.  After Vox Machina slew him, the black ichor that seeped out of the plants of the Shademirk Bog ceased flowing and started hardening like amber.[4]  Keyleth used Commune with Nature and discovered that the surrounding plants began relaxing upon Saundor's demise.[5]

When Vox Machina returned to the Feywild about a year later, they saw that the corruption had entirely receded. The area looked like a normal forest by Feywild standards. The Shademirk Forest seems to have some level of intelligence, as one of the trees bent its branches in a certain way to allow Vox Machina to rest in them, apparently grateful for their part in defeating Saundor.[6]

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