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The Slayer's Take is a guild in Vasselheim that is paid to hunt rare animals, typically for specific parts of the animal.  The Slayer's Take pays homage to Ioun, the goddess of knowledge, prophecy, and skill.

Leadership Edit

A large gynosphinx, Osysa, lives in a cavern below the guildhall.  She uses her knowledge and scrying abilities to guide the Slayer's Take.  The guild members are led by Huntmaster Vanessa Cyndrial, a no-nonsense tiefling.  The second-in-command is her husband Murtin Cyndrial, a halfling.

Vox Machina Edit

The members of Vox Machina (except Pike) were forced to join the Slayer's Take to avoid being prosecuted for poaching a hydra that was under contract by one of the guild's parties.  In order to rectify the situation, Vox Machina was given the option to complete an initiation and join the guild, making the hydra kill legal.  For the initiation, Vox Machina was split into two groups.  One group was assigned a contract to hunt and kill a white dragon, Rimefang, in the Vesper Timberland, while the other group hunted a rakshasa, Hotis, in Vasselheim.

Known Members Edit

References Edit


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