For the continent, see Tal'Dorei (continent).
Map of TalDorei

Tal'Dorei is a kingdom in Exandria where much of the action of Critical Role takes place.

Tal'Dorei was formerly ruled by an emperor, Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III, alongside a council. Uriel later chose to step down in favor of a rule by council alone.

Notable Locations Edit

It is not entirely clear how many of the known locations of "Tal'Dorei" belong to the kingdom itself, and how many belong to the continent but not the kingdom.[unless this is clarified somewhere in the campaign guide?]

Society Edit

Drugs Edit

There are two illegal drugs in Tal'Dorei. Oloore root is a heavy psychedelic used by druidic cultures, and suude is refined from arcane residuum and causes head rush and enhances senses/magic.[1] The Clasp trafficks oloore root.[2]

Attack of the Chroma Conclave Edit

A group of chromatic dragons called the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei (and other parts of the world) in Chapter 4.  Sovereign Uriel and several of his council members were slain in the initial attack.  Emon and Westruun were severely damaged by the dragons, then further damaged by looters and opportunists, such as the people stealing from Gilmore's Glorious Goods in Emon and the Herd of Storms that sacked Westruun.

Refugees from Westruun were accepted by Kymal and villages nearby, with many of the remaining refugees forming a small tent city in Foramere Basin.  Whitestone was not attacked in the initial assault, so Vox Machina transported refugees from Emon and Westruun to the relative safety of Whitestone using Keyleth's Transport via Plants spell.

Other cities were spared the Chroma Conclave's assault.  Kraghammer was not attacked, although it was naturally protected by its subterranean nature.  Stilben was not hit, either.  Syngorn's defenses were activated, shifting the elven city into the Feywild.

References Edit

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