"Taryon, My Wayward Son"
The thumbnail for "Taryon, My Wayward Son" (7x13), featuring Marisha Ray as Keyleth.
Chapter 7, Episode 13  (G&S #97)
2017-05-11 19:00 PDT
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"Taryon, My Wayward Son" (7x13) is the thirteenth episode of the seventh chapter of Critical Role. Having dealt with the Trickfoot clan, Keyleth goes off the deep end and Taryon finds himself on a collision course with a dark secret within his own family. What will he and Vox Machina discover at Deastok?

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"After Vox Machina had taken a year of peace and activity to handle their own respective endeavors or communal endeavors, they discovered some family of Pike Trickfoot coming and knocking at the door of Whitestone.

"A reunion with some of her family she had not seen since she was a child, coming in to impart her with the knowledge of a terrible family blood curse that had been haunting them for ages and visions that were guided by her Uncle Ogden to the possibility that she carries the same curse and wanting to free the bloodline, or at least Pike, of this, they had to amass some materials and make their way on a moonlit night to the top of the Alabaster Sierras to complete the ritual to expel, exorcise this entity and destroy it.

"After gathering the materials and traveling to the top of the Salted Bluffs of the Alabaster Sierras the ritual was completed and the large, monstrous, black cloud-and-skull entity was summoned forth from Pike's body and [they] all leaped in to do battle.

"However, partway into this fray Vex happened to realize that it was seemingly an illusion—there was no ritual, there was blood curse, and this was a ploy from the family to make a little cash off [Vox Machina].

"After some threats to Uncle Ogden and nearly losing him off the edge of a cliff, [Pike] made a deal to offer some money, in exchange [she] took [her] cousin JB under [her] wing and [the rest] were forced to leave and never return. They accepted and went on their way."

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  • The title of this episode, "Taryon, My Wayward Son", is a reference to the song "Carry On Wayward Son" by the band Kansas.
  • This episode marks the first time that Keyleth has died.
    • This is the tenth on-stream death of a player character, and the twelfth overall.
  • The character of K'ryyn was created as a collaboration between Matthew Mercer and the chat room during "Fireside Q&A with Matthew Mercer" (Sx17).

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