"The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Ser Taryon Darrington" is the title for the book currently being written by Taryon Darrington, as transcribed by Doty. It is an autobiographic memoir of Tary's adventures after leaving his home in Deastok (typically embellished to make Tary's contributions appear significant and make Tary appear to be the central hero of the story).

Years later, it appears that Tary's book did get published, as Pumat Sol was reading this book during one of Mighty Nein's visits to The Invulnerable Vagrant. He described it as "a collection of crazy tales about this weird fella".[1] When asked if he believed the book's accounts were fictional, he replied: "Oh, it's gotta be fiction. But it's good fiction!"[2] Caleb wanted a copy of the book, but Pumat wasn't willing to part with his copy and his shop wasn't a bookseller.

Excerpts Edit

  • "Doty! Doty, take this down: In my travels through Ank'Harel, I have never seen so many magical items in one place! But then I saw them, walking up to me, and I knew: I had met some very special people! That's it for now." (Tary narrates his very first meeting with Vox Machina)[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Tary and Vox Machina alike have suggested various titles for Tary's book. The title of this article is the one suggested by Percy, to which Tary responded, "That's brilliant! Doty, please: Write that down!", so it is assumed that is what Doty 1.0 titled the book. Matt confirmed in "Lost & Found" (10x01) that this was indeed the official title.[1] Some of Tary's own ideas were:
    • Tary's Adventures
    • Daring Adventures of Darrington
    • Tary On with Taryon Darrington
    • The Terrific and Terrifying Tales of Daring Taryon Darrington
    • Fifty Shades of Tary
    • Bravado: The T. Darrington Story
    • Zen and the Art of Robot Manservant Repair
    • Adventuring for Dummies
    • The Things They Tary'd
    • The Blonde Hair of Courage
    • The Odyssey
    • Tary's Daring Dos and Daring Do-Nots
    • Dungeons & Darringtons
    • Critical Patrol
  • Sam Riegel stated during "Talks Machina Answers Your Questions Live at WonderCon" (TMx19) that, if there is enough interest, he would be willing to write a real-life copy of the book (though likely an abridged version), annotated by Vox Machina.
  • The Mighty Nein assumed that it was smutty literature. As Beauregard pointed out, the book was called the "daring" tales.

References Edit

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