"The Elephant in the Room" (6x03) is the third episode of the sixth chapter of Critical Role. Fresh off of slaying Yenk and Vorugal the Frigid Doom, the weary members of Vox Machina take time to catch their breaths and set about gathering what spoils they could find from both the corpse of the wyrm and his treasure trove before resting and returning to Whitestone for their next course of action...

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"Vox Machina, our heroic players and characters, have been fighting their way across the land of Tal'Dorei against the Chroma Conclave, a gathering of ancient chromatic dragons that have torn the current civilization asunder.

They've gathered a number of artifacts of old called the Vestiges of the Divergence and recently made allies with one of these dragons: Raishan, the green dragon of the Conclave, apparently interested in revolting against the Conclave's leader, Thordak the Cinder King. A tentative alliance has been forged, and to prove both the stalwartness of that alliance, as well as to further their agenda against the Conclave, they all traveled back to Wildemount, to the ruins of Draconia.

With the help of the Ravenites, they set a trap for Vorugal the Frigid Doom. They summoned—using their single Gate scroll—from the Abyss, Yenk the goristro, a great and powerful siege demon, and basically caused it to battle with the white dragon.

Partway through, the encounter got even more intense. They all rushed into the fray, got the crap kicked out of them in a lot of cases, but-—when all was said and done—with the aid of Raishan they felled Vorugal, the final shot being landed by Vex'ahlia herself.

They have now taken a moment, they have discussed with Raishan to meet back in Whitestone, after which she reverted form and vanished, and they have now begun to collect their spoils and gather what they can off the battlefield."

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