"The Fear of Isolation"
The thumbnail for "The Fear of Isolation" (8x06), featuring Marisha Ray as Keyleth.
Chapter 8, Episode 6  (G&S #105)
2017-07-13 19:00 PDT
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"Elysium" (8x05)
"Episode 106" (8x07)

"The Fear of Isolation" (8x06) is the sixth episode of the eighth chapter of Critical Role.

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  • Demistrik: "Get out!"
    Sprigg: "And show yourself out, Demistrik, I don't need you here. Nineteen years of you is more than enough."
    Matt: "You hear muffling argument through the door as the voice goes..."
    Demistrik: "...I'll stay where I damn please! You gave me permission to stay; if anyone's going to leave, you're going to leave!"
    Sprigg: "I think you should go to Kraghammer and become a little circus performer with a little tin cup and a little hat and say 'Oh dear, I'm Demistrik, the magical imp' that's where you belong I tell you."
    Demistrik: "That sounds like a lot more fun than having to deal with you on a daily basis, you son of a---"
    Sprigg: "OH, LANGUAGE, IMP!!"
    Matt: "The door creaks open once more."
    Demistrik: "Sorry."
    Darin: "The door creeps open again."
    Sprigg: "I'm sorry as well...for HIM!! He's awful."
    Liam: "I stick my foot in!"
    Vax'ildan: "Um...I'm REALLY very sorry to bother you, although I am DELIGHTED to make your acquaintance...."
    Liam: "...I'm having a VERY hard time not just smiling like an idiot...."
    Vax: "...Could we trouble you just for a few moments?"[2]
  • Percy: "I get the sense that your...compatriot, I hate to call him friend here, er...."
    Sprigg: "I hate to call him friend and yet I do. Isn't that right, friend?!"
    Demistrik: (begrudingly) "Fortunately."
    Percy: (to Demistrik) "What are you doing here?"
    Sprigg: "You can tell him."
    Demistrik: "None of your--NO!!"
    Sprigg: "YES!!"
    Demistrik: "NO!!"
    Sprigg: "YES!!"
    Demistrik: "Why does he ask me?"
    Sprigg: "These people are guests in our home!"
    Demistrik: "Oh, it's not our home!"
    Sprigg: "Nineteen years you've been here! Ever since your master died trying to enter and got tricked into one of my traps, and now you're here...does that answer your question? Now why don't you tell him what I just said?!"[3]
  • Sprigg: "If you'll allow've been very quiet."
    Keyleth: "Yes I'm...I'm a little freaked out right now. You're like my worst fear incarnate. I'm sorry that seemed very worst NIGHTMARE incarnate."
    Sprigg: "That doesn't make it any better dear child."
    Demistrik: "HEHEHEHEHE!!"
    Sprigg: "OH, TUTUTUT!!!! Go ahead, why am I your worst fear 'in-a-carnation'?"[4]
  • Sam: "Are Vex and Percy walking together?"
    Matt: "Yes they are."
    Sam: "I whip out my flute and I just start going--" (begins humming bridal march)
    Percy: "Oh...he may have heard."
    Vex'ahlia: "He heard?"
    Percy: "I thought you were going to die, I may have panicked."
    Vex: "Wait, wait, wait..."
    Percy: "We were asked to plead for your life and...I may have panicked."
    Vex: "Who did you tell? PERCIVAL, WHO DID YOU TELL?!"
    Percy: "Some deity...."
    Sam: "Look at your shirt."
    Laura: "What?" (looks down, sees the word: 'Everybody' and gasps) "No!!"
    Percy: "I panicked!"
    Vex: Percy!
    Percy: "I panicked! There was a giant glowing sun, and I may have...I didn't tell...well, I was a bit vague but I was--"
    Vex: "A bit vague?"
    Percy: "I...."
    Vex: "Scanlan, what did he say?"
    Taliesin: "Oh no."
    Scanlan: "Well, you know: first comes love...then comes marriage...."
    Percy: "I may have hinted...."
    Scanlan/Sam: "Wait, you're married? No, you said you were betrothed, TO BE MARRIED. Wait, YOU'RE MARRIED?! Oh wow, YOU JUST SPILLED IT!!"
    Vex: "SHH!!"
    Percy: "Silence, CONE OF SILENCE."
    Scanlan: "You're married!! They're married!! THEY'RE MARRIED!!"
    Matt: "All of a sudden--No, you try and it's making no sound. It is just absolute quiet."
    Scanlan: "So you're going to ruin everyone else's of those couples."
    Liam: "Thank you vacation Scanlan."
    Matt: "Vacation Scanlan's the best."
    Marisha: "Worst double date sangria partners ever."
    Taliesin: "He's back ladies and gentlemen and he's back and taking no prisoners."
    Sam: "Oh, are you guys going on vacation...we got a divorce!"[5]

References Edit

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