Theobold Cans is a traveling merchant.  As an NPC, Theobold is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Theobold is a man in his early forties. He has a handlebar mustache that curls past the edges of his jaw. His hair is combed over to one side and slicked down.[1]

Biography Edit

"Masquerade" (7x15) Edit

Theobold had set up his stand in Whitestone near the Sun Tree while Vox Machina was in Deastok. When they returned, he recognized the group of adventurers and attempted to sell them some of his wares, but they were interrupted by Lionel Gayheart. After hearing that Lionel and his boss had some valuable information for them, Vox Machina quickly left without purchasing anything, much to the frustration of Theobold.

Trivia Edit

Theobald is the only known character to share his name with another character in Mercer's universe. He shares his name with one of Pike's old family members.

References Edit

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