For the ancient red dragon, see Thordak (character).

"Thordak" (6x10) is the tenth episode of the sixth chapter of Critical Role. Having infiltrated the center of Emon, Vox Machina and their allies engage Thordak in a battle to the death.

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"Vox Machina—after spending the better part of a number of months traversing the prime Material Plane and planes beyond in search of ancient relics known as the Vestiges of the Divergence—have finally increased their abilities, they've made allies, and they've begun their trek to tear down the collection of evil chromatic dragons known as the Chroma Conclave that destroyed [the] city of Emon and took over most of the continent of Tal'Dorei and beyond.

"[They've] defeated and slain three members of the Conclave, allied with a fourth, and [they've] made [their] way, along with an army—combined with the powers of Fort Daxio and Syngorn—to the central city of Emon. Utilizing aid from the Ashari people to cover the skies as the armies began to assault the outer walls, [Vox Machina] along with Zahra, Kashaw, Jarett, Gilmore—the whole party, everyone's there—KimaDrake staying back with the army to help them with the assault.

"[They] made their way underneath, through the sewer system, made a brief alliance with some wayward Clasp who led [them] to the center of town where the volcanic essence of Thordak's mutated draconic form has been pulling volcanic activity up beneath the city. [They] climbed up on top, and there at the walled gates to the central Cloudtop District, which Thordak now calls his home and his lair, [they] saw two fire giants guarding the entrance. Kashaw and Zahra, in a heroic display, bound the giants in place and decided to take care of them while [Vox Machina] rushed into the fray, bursting through the door due to the strength of [Grog's] Titanstone Gauntlets.

"[Vox Machina] rushed into the cloud-, smoke-, and ember-filled Cloudtop District ruins, jumping from ruined building to wreck of rubble and stone. The air itself is dense with black and dark fumes, it's hard to see anything. [They] all kind of carefully, gingerly, stealthily made [their] way into the alcove of one ruined building, where across the way [they] see a giant raised central cavern, a hole, a burrow if you will, that is close to forty feet across. Apparently [their] approach was somewhat sensed by the red dragon himself, as [they] watched Thordak emerge from this burrow and climb out, saying to itself, 'It appears we have visitors.'"

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