"Unfinished Business"
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Top row, left to right: Sam Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, and Matthew Mercer.
Bottom row, left to right: Liam O'Brien, Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and Travis Willingham.
Chapter 8, Episode 1  (G&S #100)
2017-06-08 19:00 PDT
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"Masquerade" (7x15)
"Thar Amphala" (8x02)

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"Unfinished Business" (8x01) is the first episode of the eighth chapter of Critical Role. Vox Machina, along with Lionel Gayheart and Scanlan Shorthalt, travel into the mountain range of Marquet to investigate the existence of another Ziggurat. As Scanlan tries to make amends for his actions, what lies beneath will lead to a shocking reveal that will set the stage for something greater...

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"Vox Machina had just completed their venture in the distant countryside of Wildemount, interfacing with the Darrington family and apparently their long-acquired debt with the Myriad criminal syndicate on that side of the world.

"After making a deal that would salvage elements of the Darrington family, [Vox Machina] made [their] way back and encountered a half-orc 'bardbarian' by the name of Lionel who was there on behest of his boss, Aes Adon, or—as [he] was immediately referred as—the Meatman.

"[The party was] brought to a nearby tavern in Whitestone where the vicinity had been rented out entirely and [they] met with a large, intimidating-looking gentleman; scarred, pockmarked, ready to ahead to try and wheel-and-deal some business with [them].

"After some...interesting conversation and some sly insight by Vex'ahlia and Keyleth, it was discovered that the Meatman was indeed [their] old compatriot, Scanlan, under an illusion to attempt to notify [them] that he had discovered something quite dangerous on his side of Exandria.

"[Vox Machina] discovered that this fantastic bardbarian, Lionel, had been working for him under his Meatman guise in Ank'Harel for the better part of a year, and while set out on a mission with a number of other compatriots of his, Lionel had stumbled upon in an area called the Smolder Crown—a mountain range, not terribly far from Ank'Harel—what seemed to be a cavern structure that led to an underground pyramid similar to the Ziggurat that [Vox Machina] had been keeping an eye on underneath Whitestone, which also contained its own small black spherical orb, which they were feeding magical items towards, it looked like.

"However they were discovered in that tunnel, and Lionel was the only one to escape with his life; the rest fell behind and were left for dead. Upon notifying Scanlan—or "the Meatman"—of this information, he knew it was pertinent to return and get this to [Vox Machina] in person.

"After which, apologies were made, some were accepted, some were not, but it was generally decided by the team that—based on this information—[they] needed to make [their] way to Ank'Harel posthaste and discover what exactly resides beneath the mountains of the Smolder Crown.

"[They] gathered up the following morning, well-rested, and all met up at the base of the Sun Tree in the center of the square."[1]

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  1. The recap. See "Unfinished Business" (8x01) from 0:19:01 through 0:21:34.


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