Talks Machina has aired five episodes as of this post, and in that time it has shown itself to be a valuable resource.

For those of you unaware, Talks Machina is an official aftershow hosted by Brian Wayne Foster where the cast and crew of Critical Role discuss the most recent episode and answer questions sent in by fans. Geek & Sundry uploaded the first four episodes. The first episode can be viewed here and the other three are here.

Talks Machina has already provided a good amount of information: explaining motivations for character decisions, clarifying details that were uncertain at the time, and discussing events that took place pre-stream.

Because of this, I propose that the episodes of Talks Machina be included in this wiki. Being able to reference them in the same way that episodes of Critical Role are referenced would be incredibly helpful. There are already several pages that use information provided by Talks Machina, but formatting the actual citation is a bit awkward at the moment.

TiamatZX and I have talked about this (here), and we agree that the Talks Machina episodes deserve their own pages. I decided to create this blog post so that other users (registered or otherwise) could weigh in on the idea, so feel free to comment with any questions, concerns, agreements, or disagreements!

UPDATE (December 18, 2016): It appears that Geek & Sundry will not be continuing to upload the episodes of Talks Machina to their website, but the VODs are still available on Twitch and Alpha for subscribers. (See Brian Wayne Foster's comment on Reddit.)

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