"Voice of the Tempest"
The thumbnail for "Voice of the Tempest" (7x06), featuring Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master.
Chapter 7, Episode 6  (G&S #90)
2017-03-16 19:00 PDT
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"Curious Tides" (7x05)

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"Voice of the Tempest" (7x06) is the sixth episode of the seventh chapter of Critical Role. Vox Machina searches for a means to seal away Opash's book and travels to Zephrah where Keyleth goes to embrace her destiny...

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"Vox Machina, having completed the toppling and destruction of the Chroma Conclave, have now gone towards tying up the loose ends at the end of this massive journey. That involved coming to the final stage of Keyleth's Aramenté to prove to her people of the Ashari that she is the proper next leader of the Zephrah Air Ashari.

"[The party] traveled far west across the Ozmit Sea after renting passage on a ship helmed by Captain Adella, and made [their] way to the island city of Vesrah where [they] encountered Uvenda, Heart of the Tides, leader of the Water Ashari, and—put upon the final trial—[they] were sent into the sub-ocean Area of Torrent where [they] were to retrieve lodestones in the constant threat of a kraken in the vicinity.

"Unfortunately the kraken was triggered upon [their] attempt. A massive battle took place, one that claimed the life of Vax'ildan, and [they] barely escaped with a success. [They] managed to bring [Vax's] body back to the central temple at the top of Vesrah and—through bringing Pike's essence through a blessing from Sarenrae—complete a resurrection ritual that succeeded. Vax returns on his ever-dwindling borrowed time from the Raven Queen, it seems, thrusting himself into danger, but returned nonetheless.

"After this, [the party] got some pictures drawn by Doty as Pike intimidated Taryon into learning [their] names. Wonderful method.

"[They] got passage on the ship back to Emon where [they] have made [their] way back to Greyskull Keep."

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  • Keyleth: (upon becoming the Voice of the Tempest) "I didn’t think I’d make it here. I couldn’t have done any of this without not only the support of every person in Zephrah, and every person of the Ashari tribe, members of Emon, Tal'Dorei, Marquet... even Wildemount. In my journeys I’ve learned being a leader is a global effort, one that takes the wisdom of many. Most importantly, I couldn’t have done any of this without Vox Machina. And the pieces of them that I’ve taken away and have desperately tried to emulate in each one of them over the years. Each one of them with qualities that I admire and strive to embrace. Grog with his strength and his unyielding loyalty. Vex with her self-confidence and utter fearlessness. Vax, who is one of the most compassionate people I think I’ve ever come across and one of the most brave, even if it’s maybe foolish. Percival with your intelligence and your sensibility, is always there to be my balance. Scanlan with his charisma and his wit. Pike... (sniffs) Pike. Her generosity and her authenticity, always true to herself. And even Tary. Taryon Darrington, whose blind faith in Vox Machina and perseverance, entrusted us even though he probably shouldn’t have. (laughs) All of these things that I learned and couldn’t be a leader without. Vox Machina makes up me. Zephrah makes up me. The Ashari people, and all of greater Exandria. I don’t know if I’m the leader you deserve, or a good leader, but I’m willing to dedicate the rest of my life to doing whatever I can for all of us. As long as Vox Machina stands by my side."[1]
  • Korren: "For long, we of the winds have awaited the procession of our tradition. With the passing of our elder voice, Dwala, it was my wife Vilya who was selected to take the Aramente. Beautiful and full of determination, she accepted her path. And while she did not return to us, the destiny she set is now seen as one of preparation. Her journey was not in vain, for it was her love that produced our daughter. It was her guidance in joy that taught our child compassion. It was her discipline and understanding that forged young Keyleth’s spark of intuition and unlocked her adept connection with nature and the winds. We mourn the loss of our Vilya, but take pride that she lives on in the eyes of our own, returned, beloved woman of the winds. Here we bring together our collective voices to bless upon my daughter, the memory of Vilya, the champion of Guasar, the mantle of our destiny. Ring clear our voices to unite our breath and grant our strength to her guidance and wisdom, as Keyleth takes the rightful and earned responsibility of leading our people into this next generation. Rise, my daughter, and become Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest."

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  1. See "Voice of the Tempest" (7x06) from 3:51:11 through 3:55:40.


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